Thursday, July 29, 2010

F-35A Warming up the engines (and apologies to Scott Printz)

The recipients of the complimentary copies have highlighted some minor glitches in the package... no major issues, and I think most of the users would have been unable to catch them. But one was a major mistake on my side, that is I misspelled the surname of Scott Printz, who is the creator of the enhanced F/A-18 HUD xml code upon which Jivko Rusev has kindly created the custom VHUD for the F-35.
So, I've decided to stop the ditribution process, fix the glitches and resubmit the files.
Changes are as follows:

- Fixed several typos in the manual, including Scott Printz's surname (once again my most humble apologies)
- Fixed VHUD version (the version included in the previous build was not the latest, due to a mistake)
- Fixed aircraft.cfg (the version included in the previous build was not the latest)
- Minor graphic glitches solved

Good news is that the new build is already on the SimMarket server - now all the required files and informations are there. It will take a little while to create the product page but should not take more than few days I hope.

The product manual has been updated and can be dowloaded HERE.

Updated complimentary copies will be resent tomorrow ( is really too late and I am falling asleep). By the way I know that some testers have not received the dowload link... my apologies, I don't know what went wrong.

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