Tuesday, July 27, 2010

F-35 taxi to SimMarket and hold short :-)

I've just finished uploading the files to SimMarket. Everything seems OK, but it will take some time (hopefully not much) to set up the product page and make it available.

A download link to complimentary copies will be sent to the Beta testers soon - if anyone involved in the testing has not received it within few days please contact me.

In the meantime, here is a download link to the final user manual:


Aside, please note that I've had some problems with rapishare (they have changes several things, including the account rules) so I am switching to Mediafire - so most of the older files are not available anymore. However Flightsim.com has a copy of most my freeware releases.

EDIT: Download link to complimentary copies to testers and contributors have been sent yesterday evening. If you are a tester or a contibutor and have not received it please let me know. Please note also that early deployement of such copies has not highlighted any major issue with the product, but few glitches were spotted:

- There was a slight misplacement of the head rest textures (reason: not spotted due to monitor setting - it will be invisible to many users)
- There was a slight misplacement of the wheel chocks 3d model (reason:not checked after final landing gear contact points placement - decision was taken to implement the "real" contact points regardless of the micro-oscillation issues)
- Installer could not automatically recognize FSX installation folder (typo in compiling the installer)

I've fixed these issues in the build for the final customer, and re-uploaded the file to SimMarket. As result, the current complimentary copies are slightly different from the retail copies. Apologies for the incovenience.

EDIT/2 I've received some feedback about the manual and I would like to highlight it is not completely correct about the "texture load" statement of the FSX.cfg file. That is, it is true that changing the settings in FSX will overwrite (and revert to the maximum default settings) some of the entries that control the graphics engine (in this case the maximum texture resolution - which is 1024 by default, but can be edited to 4096). This happens regardless of the fact you've changed graphics related settings or not. You cannot make the changes permanent by changing the write access as FSX will not work if the FSX.cfg is "read only".
However, there are some third party applications that will rewrite the fsx.cfg for you either by running a background process or by rewriting the .cfg every time you restart FSX.
The fact is: you can't make the changes permanent - unless you use a specific application:


EDIT/3 RED LIGHT on release. It seems that the final package contains some very minor mistakes and a big one, for me - that is one of the contributors' names is misspelled. Will fix ALL of the defects before proceeding.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear, and good luck on the release! :)


P.S. I've sent you an email regarding the bit of the manual on the Texture Max Load value and the possibility of writing a review.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it ready for purchase. Quick question... I've never used SimMarket. Being in the US... can we purchase from SimMarket as well?


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@ Orion
Thanks I've seen your email this morning before going to work - will reply asap.

@ Robert
As far as I know there should be no problem at all - but I suggest you contact SimMarket if you have doubts.
The only thing I know of is that in certain countries (may be the ones outside EU) German V.A.T. is not applicable.

Vigilius said...

Complimenti, ho seguito tutto l'iter di questo lavoro e sembra essere un 'gran-bel-pezzo-di-software'. Ciao

Ken said...

I live in the U.S. and purchase from SimMarket all the time as it has been the most reliable of the big sim retailers for me.

In fact, I'm shocked I haven't crashed them with how many times I keep refreshing to see if the F-35 is up yet. ;)

WTG Dino and everyone on your team for putting this together.

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