Friday, February 22, 2019

Eurofighter Typhoon Update to version 1.23 (with PBR support)

As (to some extent) expected with a major update, Eurofighter v1.22 release included a couple of bugs and highlighted some existing defects. The most annoying bug is the fact that the updated FCS code did not work as intended and caused the plane to pitch up requiring constant pilot action - I consider this a severe defect and given that probably I will not have much time in the next few days, I have decided to address it immediately with a further update.

Aside, some users reported a loss in frame rate after the PBR update: this is generally to be expected for PBR models, as the compiled model file (.mdl) is larger and uses more textures video memory. On my system, which has a GTX-1080, there is not a big difference - but from time to time you may have a slight delay in loading the PBR textures while switching between external and virtual cockpit views.

I have also heard "rumors" (meaning that I had no direct report of that) of users experiencing a drop in frame rates also with non-PBR models and also in previous updates. Frankly, since the modifications to the code were minimal, it is difficult for me to say if the frame rate drop is due to the Eurofighter update or by other reasons. The only thing I have noticed is that there was a missing texture (the fresnel ramp texture used in the canopy) - missing textures may reduce the performance a little...but this should be barely noticeable. Anyway I have included the missing texture in this update.

Last, please remember that if you prefer to use the non-PBR model, the files have been left there (they are not overwritten) - so you can activate/deactivate the PBR models in the model.cfg. This update contains backup version of the model.cfg for both PBR and non-PBR for your convenience. Just delete the model.cfg in the model folders of the Eurofighter_2000 and Eurofighter_2000T, and rename the backup files by deleting  the ".backupPBR" or ".backupNonPBR" suffixes.
Note that editing the model.cfg gives you also access to the "ubuntu" variants. These are model variants that replaces the FCS driven animations with "standard" ones. These animations are less accurate and realistic, but are compatible with multiplayer. "Ubuntu" models are provided in both PBR and non-PBR versions - please note that you have to use them with the proper cockpit model (PBR external model must go along with PBR VC and vice versa) - otherwise textures may be shown with a wrong color.

Here is the full list of changes:


- Replaced autotrim FCS code to solve the "pitch up" tendency of v1.22

- Replaced navigation lights effects for better compatibility with PBR models

- Fixed glitch that caused left and right wheel rotation animations were swapped

- Fixed glitch that caused barometric reading to disappear from HUD in certain instances

- Added model.cfg backup files for easier deactivation of PBR models

- Added missing Fresnel Ramp texture for canopy

32 bit update (for FSX-SE/Gold/Acceleration, P3Dv1, P3Dv2, P3Dv3) can be dowloaded
HERE or from the side bar

64 bit update with PBR support (only for P3Dv4.4) can be dowloaded HERE or from the side bar

Users of P3Dv4.0 to 4.3 can install the 64 bit upgrade but are should replace the model.cfg with non-PBR versions as described above.


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