Sunday, July 10, 2016

F-35 Project Version 3.11

I have recently uploaded F-35 version 3.11 to the distibutors - which hopefully will get rid of the installation issues experienced by some users in v3.11

FIXED - Installation issue in v3.10 causing MFD1 and MFD2 not being independant
FIXED - Installation issue in v3.10 FSX Compatibility Patch preventing HMD to show properly in some intsances
FIXED - Installation issue in v3.10 FSX Compatibility Patch leaving an unintended temporary file in the FSX folder

ADDED - VX-23 Salty Dogs livery to the F-35C
ADDED - Warlords VM-01 livery to the F-35B
ADDED - Israeli Air Force livery to the F-35A
ADDED - Aural cues to ICAWS system
FIXED - Minor texturing issues in Virtual Cockpit, all models
FIXED - Bug in RWR system which preventer track 0 to appear on some instances
CHANGED - RWR system now supports up to 16 tracks (previously was 8)
CHANGED - JSOWs can now also be loaded in the internal bays
FIXED - Minor bug preventing canopy open/close switch to work
CHANGED - In flight refuel fuel flow rate is now higher following users feedback
CHANGED - STOVL flight model for better realism (by Rob Barendregt)
ADDED - Auto-takeoff feature to the F-35B (by Rob Barendregt)
FIXED - Resolved bug preventing laser guided weapons to hit their target (note: this was actually a Tacpack bug - tacpack or higher is required to fix the bug)
FIXED - Resolved bug preventing GPS coordinates being correctly loaded to GPS guided weapons in some instances.
ADDED - CNI keypad is now operational
ADDED - Autopilot keypad is now operational
ADDED - Keyboard shortcuts now are active also in external views
FIXED - Bug in HUD page preventing TFLIR page to show
ADDED - Provided models with no geometry for cockpit builders

Here is a further explainations of some of the new features:

The F-35B features new STOVL dynamics courtesy of Rob Barendregt.
The new dynamics should offer a more realistic performance in most conditions, and a new handling scheme which, as far as we know, is closer to the real thing.
The new STOVL dynamics also introduce the "auto-takeoff" feature, in which the aircraft takes off automatically in the shortest possible distance.
To activate this mode, when the a/c is on the ground or on the deck and still:
- Select STOVL mode (AUTO T/O appears in RED in the FCS page=
- Apply full brakes  (AUTO T/O turns blue)
- Select AUTO T/O (turns white)
- Release the brakes and enjoy the show

Keypads are now active and can be used to program the CNI and the Autopilot. Note however that the BACK and ENT functions are not implemented - just enter as many digit as needed and retry if need be.

Example 1 - SET NAV RADIO TO 113.00
- Select CNI PAGE
- Click on the NAV 1 SWAP digits
- Enter 1-1-3-0-0
- Click on NAV 1 SWAP to swap frequencies

Example 2 - Change Heading to 188°
- Select Autopilot Page
- Click on HDG
- Enter 1-8-8

Model folders now contain models without cockpit geometry, intended for use by cockpit builders.
To activate this feature open the MODEL folder of the aicraft you wish to convert and open the model.cfg with a text editor and follow the instructions inside the file.


Sammy Holmes said...

Dino, thanks for the hard work as usual. Is there any word when 3.11 will be released to the public from the vendors? I have checked my Flightsim Store account ever since this post was released and still showing 3.10 for P3D. It sucks cause I installed 3.10 and now the displays are jacked as you were describing. Thanks again for the hard work.

Unknown said...

It usually takes a week or so fo them to handle the update...

In the meantime, you can download this version of MFD2.XML and replace the one in SimObjects/Airplanes/F-35A/Panel/F-35_MFD folder and it will fix the problem (note:it needs to be done only in the F-35A folder - all other versions are linked to that).

Sammy Holmes said...

Thanks Dino, all is good now. FSS got it uploaded the other night and I have it installed now :)

Unknown said...

Hello Dino. I purchased your FSX version of the F-35 and have enjoyed it since 2012.
Can you tell me if the freeware F-35 supports Tacpack ? also if I purchase the new 3.11 Tacpack version with the FSX patch will the Tacpack version work in FSX ?

Thanks for all the hard work,your aircraft are top quality.

Layne said...

please bake some ambient occlusion to your cockpit and exterior parts man, those interiors look like freeware quality without it... i would buy if you had some AO baked on the F35...

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Anonymous said...

Dino, hey buddy I had to rebuild my computer and do a fresh install of everything. In the process I have reinstalled my P3D, VRS+TP, and now the F-35 Package. I am noticing though that now since my reinstall of everything I have no HMD and no FLIR imaging in the cockpit. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks for any help.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this is not something to do with a combination of P3D v3.4 (newest build) and the new TacPack release. Just guessing as i continue to troubleshoot.

Unknown said...

Can I fly that plane in fsx?