Monday, February 16, 2015

Plans for the future and answers to some FAQs


The release of the Aermacchi MB.326 has been a great success so far. We have exceeded 2000 downloads in just few days, and I believe it is a great result (especially if you consider that this plane is surely not as popular as a Tomcat!). The perceived quality level seems very good, too.
So, people are starting to ask me what are my plans for the future... and here is what it is on my mind at the moment.

F-14D Update - First thing being worked on in an update to the F-14D. Several minor fixes / improvements, nothing too big. This could be out in a couple of weeks.

S-3B Update - Same thing for the S-3... I have plans to fix some minor defects in the current release. And hopefully I will find the time to release the AI Tanker model.

F-35ABC Update - Now, this would be, in my intentions, a bigger update which would bring the simulated version closer to the real deal thanks to the information released to the public in the meantime. This may well be a two-step update.

New projects being worked on:

Aermacchi MB.339: This would be a logical extension of the MB.326... but I've been working so much on the 326 that I'd need a break.

Eurofighter Typhoon: On hold... I do not have time to work on this at the moment. I'll keep you posted.

And now some FAQs:

Q - Are you interested in making an Hawkeye? And a F-16 Fighting Falcon? Or why not a Sepecat Jaguar/AMX/enter your favourite aircraft here)?

A - I have carefully evaluated several proposals, and my current projects will keep me busy for at least a full year. Sorry. Then... my two cents: the Viper is the elephant in the flight simulation room. We badly need a good one for FSX/P3D, but I do not have time for this.

Q - Why aren't you working on models for DCS / XPlane / FlightGear or other simulators?

A - Because I do not have the time.

Q - ...So could I export your models and use into another simulator?

A - NO. While the models are my creations, they are sometimes based on professional meshes (under paid-for licence...this is one of the ways in which I spend the money you donate) or contributions from other authors. Exporting/reverse engineering the models by a third party would be a licence and copyright infringement.

Q - Then... why do not you do this for a living?

A - Because it is just a hobby... and I am a relatively well paid professional engineer. If I had to quit my job for flight simulations that would mean a significant cut for my incomes.


Anonymous said...

On the S-3B can you lower the packets. And thanks

Antonis said...

I am sure sometime in feature you will make a perfect and amazing F-16 viper

i trust you!!!

Keep walking with Eurofighter and time will show....

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,
this 326 is a pleasure to fly and a beauty to see! Thank you very much. As always I hope you can finish (or at least a pre-release) the 339 for a perfect tribute for the Italian Air Force and their Frecce Tricolori Team who really deserves a rendition like you always do.


Unknown said...

"F-35ABC Update - Now, this would be, in my intentions, a bigger update which would bring the simulated version closer to the real deal thanks to the information released to the public in the meantime..."

Hi Dino!

That's a good info.

I'm looking forward!


Brett said...

If you make the Eurofighter and F16 for FSX in Dino grade quality - I'll sell my children and give you the money. You're work rocks Dino!

Unknown said...

Il 326 in FSX e' fantastico.Sarebbe bello se si potesse rendere cliccabili anche la leva del carrello ', la pompa del carburante e lo switch di test degli avvisi.
Grazie comunque per questo grande addon


Wanderfalke said...

Dino about the Shaking Bug in the F-35:
It is the Aircraft.cfg causing the Problem. I have used the Accelleration Aircraft cfg with your Airfile and only changed the Contact Points as well as eyepoint. It does not shake that way. Dino could it be that because of the bigger Models since Acc that they use also larger numbers in the Aircraft.cfg for the Contact Points etc? Or it is simply a Problem which maximized itself due to changes over time? You know These Kind of Bugs :(

Karl Meindl said...

F-35 Shaking Problem Cause:
"static_pitch" & "static_cg_height"
Due to differences in the Aircraft model compared to the Accelleartion F-18 Air File you use for the F-35 - A reall allignment with the same Air File seems to be impossible. Also tweaking the F-18 Aircraft.cfg to make it compatible to the static cg height and pitch is not giving a bugfree result. One way to fix this is designing a real new AirFile and Config perfectly matching the Model you use. Otherwise you can remove the shaking by using the aircraft config of the Acc F-18 and tweaking the gear contact Points plus the Eyepoint and Lights Configuration. This of course gives you some bugs with the effects (Vapourtrail Wingtips), the Crashmodel (different Points) and the Flight Dynamics. If you Change any of them in the Aircraft Config without aligning the Airfile to the Model = You are busted!

Sorry Dino but there is no way around making your own Air File for the F-35. And afterwards aligning a new Aircraft.cfg to it.

Karl "Wanderfalke" Meindl

Karl "Wanderfalke" Meindl said...


I have fixed the Shaker Issue on the F-35A and also included the Fly By Wire Simulation from the Virtual Blue Angels for many reasons. Please check the Demo I have made for you and test for yourself:

I did some changes and you can backtrack them if you want but the main reasons for the shaking:

reference_datum_position = 29.00, 0, -2.62

empty_weight_CG_position = -34.75, 0, 0

I then had to realign the Fuel and Station Weights accordingly.

I also used the Air File the VBA did for the Acc Hornet. Some changes to Elevator Trim Effectivenes as well. Wing Area also changed. But was probably not necessary.

I am still testing and tweaking but it seems to work like Gold!

Report back when you tested it:

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino

Well done on your release of the MB326. This is one model I look forward too, in the process of downloading it. This is the model we had in our country as a trainer and border defence for many years, known and licensed via the Italian Manufaturer as the Impala. I am certainly going to attempt a realsitic paint in our camoflage colours and the blue and white decorative colours of one of our national sea birds,. If succesful and happy with the quality, I will release to the public.

Andrew Brown

Anonymous said...

hi Dino

I am so interested by an hawkeye. You do an amazing work with the add-on.

Best regards


Unknown said...


It is possible you can include in your next job an OA-37 Dragonfly.

best regards.

José Arredondo - Chile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino, exelent job love your planes but can you do an A-37 Dragonfly it will be nice.

Regards from Guatemala.


Unknown said...

Next proyect A37b Dragonfly ?

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