Monday, January 12, 2015

End of Beta stage and paintkit release

Thanks for the oustanding feedback on the MB.326 Beta - I am going through the bugs list and I have already solved many of them. As consequence, the Beta1 build is now outdated, and I will withdraw it from download in the next few days.If you want to download the Beta, I urge you to do so in asap. I will keep on collecting feedback and fixing bugs. I am looking to release version 1.00 within a couple of weeks in the worst case.

Aside, on top of the excellent work he did for the liveries, Alessandro was so kind to provide me (and you) with a paintkit for the MB.326, in layered PSD format.
This file is provided "as is" - no guarantee of any kind and no support whatsoever will be provided.
- Note that the intended usage of these files is to create freeware liveries for the MB.326. Please refrain from redistributing these files or content derivative of these files for profit.
- Please DO NOT share or distribute repaint until version 1.00 of this package is officially released from this blog. We may need to make changes to the package and to the folder structure...most probably including a specific folder to support twin seater versions with MK.540 engine.
If you promise you will stick to these (simple) rules, you are welcome to download the paintkit by clicking HERE.


Luis Antonio Fessel said...

Hi, i'm in Brasil, then, good night!!!
I'm a 3Dprinter, airmodeler and i love this plane.
May you share the 3D modeling of this plane, for 3D impress and a airmodel construct??

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