Friday, June 27, 2014

...and here we go again. F-14D Tomcat Version v2.33

Sorry but I could not resist, and here is another update for the F-14D Tomcat. Thing is, while I was writing the code for the Viking (and for the T-45C update) and following feedback from the users, I realized that there were a couple of missing features in the Tomcat and Goshawk avionics that could be implemented with no effort.

So here we go:

June 27th, 2014
- added ILS needles in MFD ADI
- added ILS needles in MFD HUD
- added VOR bearing needle in HSI
- added Course deviation scale in HSI
- added VRS Carrier support to the HSI (shows as Tacan)

As usual, you can download the file from the side bar.
The T-45C Goshawk update will be held until the new Tacpack update is released.
The S-3B Viking will be released most probably in a couple of weeks.

By the way, I do not have time to upload the file to Avsim and Flightsim (takes more than one hour and sometimes it fails from home!), in general, I will not do it in future.
Should you want to upload the file to any repository, you are welcome to do so - provided the site is free.  In any case, the only place guaranteed to have the latest version is this blog.


Anonymous said...


James F. Chams

Jorge Roldan said...

anxiously waiting for the latest T45!!!

thankyou Dino


Anonymous said...

AWSOME!! THANKS.... Is this a known bug on the viking, seems no matter what i do to trim it out or the load it seems to roll to the left all the time? Is this normal?

Anonymous said...

lavoro ineccepibile come sempre

Unknown said...

As for the Viking, there is a glitch in the flight model so that it is unbalanced - the bug has been solved in the internal build, and will not be there at the 1.00 release.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for all your great work Dino.

Victory103 said...

Dino, finally got a test flt off. Checked the list of previous issues. I only had a few LSK (outside buttons) on MFDs not work, forcing me to swap page to get the data. On HSD, HDG decrease causes CSEL to turn, not HDG. CSEL buttons work fine for increase/decrease. Anyway to have ENG page match ENG analog tapes? All modes of TP worked great, A2A, A2G, and AAR with TP tanker! Great job!

Unknown said...

Good day Victory 103, thanks for the report.

As explained several times, the fact that some soft Keys are not working seems to be glitch in the mouse click area detection in the game engine.
The code is OK, and moving the POV makes them clickable.

The HSD issue has been already highlighted on facebook.

The ENG page issue can be solved and reading can be aligned, but please note that:
- The MFD page show the "actual" simulation variables
- The Analog gauge shows "adjusted" value that match the one in the real flight manual in most regimes.

A clean job should be to align the analog values to the sim values and tune the sim values to mathc the reality, but this has an impact to the flight model that I would prefer to avoid.

EC-LPZ said...

I've noticed a possible bug in the airbrake, and should only be opened is located between the Vtails and under the fuselage, Should not move the wing spoilers, responsible for the roll function, to activate or deploy the air brakes.

Watch this picture.

Unknown said...


The real spoiler control logic is described in paragraph 2.23.4 of the NATOPS - schedule and authorities are given on figure 2-60 and 2-60.
You are correct in the sense that, in the real thing, the outboard spoilers provide aerodynamic brake only during ground roll, otherwise they just provide roll control.
It is not that easy to decouple them and make them work as in the real thing, and this is the reson why they are like this...

EC-LPZ said...

OK Dino, thank you very much for your answer. :-D