Thursday, August 9, 2012

F-35 Project - Updated to version 2.02 and clean textures for repainters

I have just uploaded a small update to the F-35 project to SimMarket - it should be available in few hours. It is a full install, 126Mb - as far as I understand, previous customers will be notified by email, while new customers will get directly the new installer.
Version 2.02
  • Added clean configuration to F-35C. This was left out from initial release due to poor quality of the modeling, but has been added due to popular request. We apologize for the lower quality of the model, which we do not consider up to part with the rest of the package.
  • Fixed typo in VMFAT-501 texture set
  • Changed landing gear strut textures
  • Added AF-6, BK-1 and CF-1 texture sets
  • Fixed minor bug on -C aircraft configuration that made the JDAM-only model unavailable to the user
Yes, I finally bent to popular will (vox populi, vox dei as the Romans said) and added the much awaited "clean" F-35. I still consider the quality of the mesh very poor, so I though it was better to leave it out of the package and provide it as a separate dowload. Then, I saw that most of the users did not download any of the updates - because probably they never visited this blog. And in the end, you cannot see the modeling defects from most of the angles (basically you see the bad polygons only if you fly upside down)... so I decided to include that in the package.
This update includes all the previous fixes, plus another repaint of the F-35A. Speaking of repaints, here is the link to the repaint "kit". It is not a proper repaint kit as I do not work with layers (yes I am a dinosaur in that respect) so they are basically "clean", uncompressed bmps. I hope they are enough for the repainters to work on it, although, I am not sure that we will see much color on the real F-35... apart from the very first prototypes, all the other schemes are gray only - maybe the radar-absorbing, robot-disposed paint used for the F-35 does not allow much in terms of colors... we'll see. Anyway here it is:

F-35 PAINTKIT (No layers, plain, uncompressed .bmp without nationality or unit markings)

As a note to repainters, I do not plan to do any more repaints - that is all from my side.
That's all for now...and probably for a while: I am in vacation, and, for what concerns my FSX hobby, I am moving full-time on the Tomcat. I hope I will have some great news for the old feline soon.


SpazSinbad said...

Dino, Thanks for the clean/stealth models. Regards from Phil Thompson.

EGan said...

Honest, Dino, I may have made the comment about the clean model during beta testing, but I didn't incite the vox populi! =) Thanks for the clean model anyway. I'm a perfectionist in a similar way (yes, I can see the errors and why), but I think this is for the best all in all!

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Thanks Dino for the clean models. What did you think about implementing a function for the map where the top would always be North and the image of the plane turns the relative heading in interest of frame rates?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Well, it wasn't only you. The addition of a clean F-35C model was the single most requested feature in comments and forums. I did not wanted to build it, as the absence of fuel tank exposes the model defects and I do not like it...but there was no point in keeping it for myself if users wanted it.

It's definitely doable,if need be, (it is an existing function - it is just a flag on the map code) but I believe that it has little or no impact to the frame rates.

EGan said...

I used to design multimedia software/GUI for clients and after a while, got a sense for what clients would request...the clean C model request was no surprise! =) Despite the errors, I suspect that *many* appreciate your fine, fine work Dino!

Have a great vacation!

Matt said...
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Matt said...

I still think its worth a try. For example my frame rates go up the more I zoom out on the map because the computer has to work less to move the map since it only has to move a little.

Unknown said...

Just tried to download the paintkit, and Avast found a Trojan in the .zip file, Just wanted to let you know

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Thanks for letting me know. I've checked with AVG and it does not detect anything. BTW, I am not sure how a Trojan could potentiallu infect bitmap images... For the moment I am leaving the file as is.