Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry for lack of updates!

One of the latest images from Microsoft Flight team - it seems that the Beta will be held in February

All, my apologies for the lack of updates and communications in the past few months. I have been quite busy with my job and I had not much time to spend on my hobbies - nor the will, honestly, to spend even more time in front of a computer screen than the one I have to spend at work.

Hopefully I will have more time to work on Flight (Simulator) designs in the following months but I am not sure. Also I am still waiting for some informations on Flight and its development tools, in order to see how the development process will be different from FSX (not too much I hope) and what will be the possibilities of the new simulator. It looks good - much better than FSX in some areas - and I cannot wait to try it. By the way, Microsoft it seems that Microsoft is planning a Beta stage for February - which means probably a release in summer or early autumn.

Here is a brief update of the projects in my folders... although I did very little in the past few months.

T-45C Goshawk - NO UPDATES. I am quite happy with the latest release... I am just curious to see how easy it will be to import that into Flight. If it will be possible to convert it to Flight, it will be freeware.

New F-14D Super Tomcat - External model is almost ready and I am really happy for its quality (, while for the internal I am a bit undecided between making only the pilot cockpit (by reusing most of the geometry from the previous model) or do also the RIO one (which means many more hours of design). In both cases the plan would be to have completely new hi-res textures. Although I paid a significant amount of money for professional 3d data for this project, these have been covered by donations and revenue from the payware F-35 so I still plan to release it as freeware. But I have no idea on when.

F-35 Lightning II - As you may be aware of, I am working on a new high-res model based on quite expensive high resolution meshes. It is not far from being complete - but there are some bad news. It is a frame rate hog. It looks beautiful, but the vast majority of the users will not be able to run it at decent frame rates. I have tried several solutions, but they do not seem to work for several reasons. I am undecided what to to with it. Maybe Flight can handle it in a much more efficient way? I do not know - and again I do not know how easy it will be to import it in Flight. It probably requires 12-15 hours of work before release.

So, again, my apologies for the lack of updates. Also, my apologies for the lack of personal contact information - I am not using the old email anymore. I have a new one for "personal" (i.e. non FSX) uses and I may need to set up a new one for FSX... for the moment, this blog is the only way to contact me - although I cannot guarantee a reply or any level of support. Sorry for that.

Last my apologies for having having rejected all the friedship requests I have received on facebook. Yes, I am on facebook. But I have decided to use it as a communication tool for "real life" friends only - so I am rejecting all requests from all people I have not met in person. No offense intended, I just prefer to stick to that decision.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

Anonymous said...

No Worries...Work carries more priority....Will wait for the goodies....

Anonymous said...


First, I would like to thank you for these fantastic add-on aircrafts.

I have a question to you: unlike the T-45's HUD, the F-14's HUD doesn't have a collimation effect, that is, as soon as I move my head with Track IR, the horizon and everything will be off. Are you planning to release an update for the F-14 that gives us a HUD like the T-45's?

Many thanks in advance!


ScimmiaSpaziale said...


I don't know when (and if) I will have the time to work on the Tomcat,but the plan would include a major rework of the existing cockpit - including collimation.

insomaniac45 said...

hi, please keep up the excellent work. your f-14 and t45 are my favourites. the f-14 i have added a few bits too. like a new after burner effect, and an add on radar. but every thing else. is truly fantastic. and truly amazing. your skill at building these planes are a true testament to the fantastic planes them selfs. if you wish, i can send you my zipped up f-14 file for you to look at, as i have taken what i believe to be all the best bits of your f-14s (your updates) and put them into one, that i use. your T-45 is un-touchable, it is just like what i have flown it, the looks, the sounds, and the feel. Thank you.

Josef said...

Hey Dino great Goshawk... just love it as-is. Thanks for perfecting the model!

As to the F-14D, don't worry much about the RIO position. But look forward to what you got in mind :-).

F-35... please make a C version and IF you can a B. The A model is great but resource intensive. Only Abacrap has the C & B and I am not happy at all with their versions...

SpazSinbad said...

Thanks again for your hard work Dino. Out of interest perhaps for an F-35C one day there is an
nimation of 'pilot view' from HMDS with a strike and vertical landing shown in this Youtube video: StrikeEye (F-35B) - Mission

Azuraroger said...

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