Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some screenshots of the new T-45... including cockpit images!

Here are some pictures of the new T-45C Goshawk. I finally found some time to work on the cockpit and the student/pilot station is graphically almost complete - I just have to fix some animations and clean up some textures. From the functional standpoint, some needles are not working yet, and I still have to do the warning and caution lights - and the night lighting. In terms of functionality do not expect any major change from the previous version - the major difference will be that what is there should be significantly closer to the real thing.

I am sorry but I do not have time right now to add more comments - so I hope the images above speak for themselves....


Robby said...

Dino sei un mostro!
Ma è mai possibile che ogni volta che metti mano al mouse riesci sempre a superare te stesso?
Lavoro magnifico!!


Maury said...

Sicuramente quando lo rilascerai reistallerò il FSX...Eccezzionale...ciao Maury

Six Seven Hotel said...

So pumped Dino! Looks sharp Dino, you can actually read so many more details. As Maury said you are a master! Awesome brother!

Anonymous said...

Absolutly wonderful !
I want to be inside, simply flying over...


Anonymous said...

Cockpit looks awesome :)
~ neutrino

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,
GREAT job with the new T45C. I was wondering if it was possible to be able to view from the instructor viewpiont and be able to pan around.

Keep up the great work....Javier