Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft has just announced the next iteration of Flight Simulator...which is not "Simulator" anymore:


Needless to say, the fact it is not "Simulator" anymore has caused some panic on some hardcore-simmers... But I am confident that Microsoft just wants to make the game more accessible - and more "game like" - for the ones who like it so (like they did with the introduction of "Missions" in FSX). Most likely, you will be able to set the realism lever to maximum...and have an "serious" simulator (providing you consider Flight Simulator serious)!

My hopes are that this new platform will be built on a more efficient and modern engine, and retains keep backward compatibility... at least at some degree.
My major fear is that Microsoft may want to introduce a Live-only distribution for add-ons (possibly through a certification) which may bring profits to Microsoft...and kill independent developers like me.

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ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Looks like the site is down right now.
Anyway there was not much too see... just a generic press annoucement and a short pre-rendered clip of a Stearman flying over water.