Monday, November 16, 2009

F-35A wip update

F-35 AA-1 external model is almost finished

While some aviation enthusiasts do not like its shape very much, I have to confess I like it. It looks modern and functional... but then, I have also to confess I liked also the "Fugly Fighter" X-32...

I'm still not happy with the reflections on some areas of the fuselage... some tweaks are needed - probably there is something I should fix in the fuselage normal map.

Refuel receptacle doors opening test - passed! F-35B and F-35C do not have this receptacle, but they feature a retractable probe nearby the canopy.

Weapon bay doors opening test - passed. As shown in this image, the F-35A can carry two AMRAAMs and two 2000lb JDAMS internally. Also, six removable pylons can be mounted for external loads.

Testing the flight model with a 4g turn. Flight model is still preliminary - while not perferct it is a good start.

Finally I found the time and mood to do some (much needed) progress with the F-35. There are a couple of annoying glitches in the external model which require some ironing, but as you can see in the screenshots above, the external model is done. I have a couple of "spare" animation sequences to be assigned - but I'll be leaving these for the finishing touches. The main priority is the completition of the cockpit, which is far behind the schedule. But, you know, I also have a "real" job and a social life :-)
By the way, I've just seen the first pictures of the real F-35 AF-1 bird (the first "weight optimized" plane)...and I have to say I am slightly disappointed as I expected a flashy painscheme (that I would have added to the package) while the actual plane took off with many areas still in their "native" acid-green primer color - which I'm not sure makes much sense for my FSX model.
Also, I've read that BF-1 (the first VTOL bird) has been transferred to Patuxent River NAS for a series of tests that will culminate in the first vertical landing. Cool stuff.


Unknown said...

Its looking great so far Dino

David said...

Awesome! I personally like the looks of the plane, except for the bottom. That really looks weird. And it doesn't look as agile and sexy as for example the F-16...

Anonymous said...

i so cant wait for this to be finished!!! abacus f35 sucks! please keep going!

Anonymous said...

Looking great!

If you need a beta tester, let me know ;).

Orion Lyau

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Here is a link to the press release of the AF-1 first takeoff

AF-1 is the first "weight optimized" bird. AA-1 final weight was higher than the design goal, so a massive weight reduction activity was required - resulting in the AF-1 design.

Yes, it its belly looks bumpy and weird...but it gives the "I'm carrying a lot of cool stuff) impression IMO

blackbird said...

Thanks for the update. One step at a time. Very good looking.

Unknown said...

Ciao Dino

great work as always !

Marco Becchio

Anonymous said...

Lookikng very good..!
When do you think the beta will start..?


Anonymous said...

Got to see the F-35B up close a few weeks ago. It stopped by where I am stationed at and we got to walk around it after the "VIP" tour was done.
p.s. i am at MCAS Cherry Point