Friday, August 14, 2009

Few more screenshots of the Lighting II

F-35A for FSX - external modeling is almost done

A preliminary flight model is in place - and seems to work fine, provided that, of course, some of the data are estimated.

Most animations are implemented and seem to work correctly.

A couple of sleepless nights (for wrong reasons) meant significant progress in F-35 modeling. Outer model is almost done - everything is modeled,textured and animated with the exception of the weapon bays, the refuel receptacle and the special effects. Work on the virtual cockpit is just started - but modeling shoud not take much time as the F-35 'pit is extremely simple from the geometric point of view.


blackbird said...

great for the airplane, hope sleepless nights were not tragic

ScimmiaSpaziale said..., no tragic reasons :-)
...and good side effects: the F-35 model outer model is almost ready.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dino Cattaneo,

Can you make this F-35 have an authentic VC (both in "Look" and "functionality" as far as FSX will allow)?

I would very much like it to look like the "real" thing's cockpit, with Helmet mounted HMD (HUD display on Visor) etc.



Anonymous said...

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Work on the VC is just started... so I am seeing what I can do. My quality targets for this model will be given in a separate post later on... but properly replicating the functionality of the HMD and touchscreen is probably beyond my knowledge.

I've recently seen some footage of the F-35 simulator in action, showing some details of the interface and it is pretty complex as pilot can perform several operations on the displays by touching them. As for the HMD the problem, with FSX, would be superimpose the flight data in such a way that they are always aligned with the horizon... let alone the possibility of a 360° night vision which is surely beyond my knowledge (the only way I can figure out is a specific d3d plugin which takes control of the rendering engine - like the "russian bloom effect" - but that is black magic to me).

So, I'll see what I can do... but it is difficult.

Anonymous said...

when you are finished with the f-35, how much will it be and where can i buy it? i cant wait to buy it!!!!

David said...

Any new updates for the F-35? =D

This is going to be my favourite aircraft since the release of MSFS =D

Anonymous said...

Looking good, allot of peeps were waiting for this baby ! Keep up the good work!