Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still trying to improve the Tomcat...

Here are the new "modeled" burners... they don't look that bad IMHO, but they are not great...

The new burner flames look better from the sides rather than from the tail...

As the weather has been very nice here in Italy, I have not dedicated much time to FSX lately so most of the projects I am doing have been suffering some delays.
The tail section of the F-35 is done...and I have to confess am pretty happy with it, but the main work I am doing in these days is trying to imporve the Tomcat.
I've playing with a "modeled" afterburner effect, that is the burner is not an .fx file (2d sprites and particoles) but 3d geomtery with special materials proprieties. Results are nice...in still pictures only. As the geometry is static, the overall effects does not give the proper sense of speed....on the other hand, you may hand draw the differnet textures for zone 1-5 so thaat the diffenece is visible.
Pictures above show how the latest build looks like. As some users may not like this approach, I will probably release also an optional .mdl with no burners at all.
The new build will also bring some changes in flight dynamics.
As announced previously the new build will bring a change in the canopy texture. Now the area on which the crew names are usually painted will not be anymore "mirrored" on both sides.
Updated texture can be found here for your reference:
As result, some existing repaints may need a small adjustment - sorry for the inconvenience guys...but I really could not stand mirrored crew names on some otherwise stunning repaints :-)
The update will be released (hopefully) during the next weekend.


FSXHD said...

Only problem with the afterburners is that to me they look a little too much purple, but that's just me.

Unknown said...

sei assolutamente uno (tra i bravi pochi) modellatori che ho visto !!!

ne ho visti solo 2 o 3 alla tua altezza, intorno al mondo di Falcon 4... ma tu sei veramente bravo !!!

complimenti sinceri !!!