Monday, December 8, 2008

F-14D Tomcat for FSX: update

Wing sweep animation is now tied to the airspeed variable

FSX:Acceleration carrier functionality and moving parts are 100% working

No bump mapping for now. I'll do it if I'll find the time.

Some more pictures to show you the progress of the external model. It is almost done... the only area that needs to be completed is the cockpit. Apart from that there are also some minor details still missing (like the refuel probe or the LANTIRN optics). I think the external model will be complete before Christmas.
As no work has been done on the virtual cockpit so far, I am considering a partial release (external model only)...I'm not sure it makes some sense, but chance is that the cockpit will be not ready before February...


Nigel Reeves said...

Thank you for a wonderful goshawk.

Would it be possible to e-mail me the F-14, as I am unable to download it.

Jim said...

can you email it to me as well? and does it require the Acceleration upgrade? or are the sp 1 and sp2 patches acceptable