Monday, October 20, 2008

T-45C Goshawk reviewed by PC-Pilot Magazine

T-45C for FSX:Acceleration (running on DX10)
I have just received a complimentary copy of the latest issue of PC Pilot, which features a one-page mini-review of the Goshawk. The review is generally very positive, and I wish to thank the PC Pilot staff for their interest and their appreciation.
However, I have to highlight one mistake: the Goshawk IS NOT Fs2004 compatible (as clearly stated by the readme file). Also, it requires Acceleration for full functionality. If you are not using FSX:Acceleration the package may not work correctly.

PC Pilot magazine issue featuring the Goshawk

As a side note, I have to confess it is the first time I got my hands on a "real" (i.e.made of actual paper) flight simulation magazine. Well, PC Pilot is good. Lots of useful information and interesting articles. Ok, the content is not much different from what you can find on several online sites, but it is really well presented - and I still think that paper is much more readable than a web page.

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