Wednesday, April 30, 2008

T-45C Goshawk FSX in-game screenshots

T-45C Goshawk apporaching a carrier

T-45C Goshawk flight testing near Patuxent River NAS

Showing the animated parts

Cockpit preview - some more work needed

All the screenshots above are taken directly from FSX with DX10 preview, with no editing except border cropping. The external model is complete, but the cockpit needs some more work (basically the main panel is done, but the rest is far from being complete). By the way, the plane wll feature only the virtual cockpit. 2D cockpit will be limited to HUD (as the Acceleration F/A-18) . Also, virtual cockpit will only have partial functionality: only the main instruments will be working. On the good side, everything will be in 3D, including the gauges.

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