Sunday, March 3, 2019

F-35 Lightning II - Version 3.61 PBR Update (Prepar3D v4.4)


Here is the PBR update for the F-35 package. In order to implement this, I had to rebuild the source models as they had been lost to a ransomware attack years ago... this was quite a big work, and a lot of things had to be redone. Still I think the plane looks much better now and it was worth it - however, please beware that some minor bugs or glitches may be present.

Model files were compiled with P3Dv4.4 tools, so they cannot be used with FSX or prior versions of P3D - however, I have also included non-PBR model variants for those who may prefer them (they should provide slightly better frame rates and lower memory consumption).
Aside, compiling the model for P3Dv4 made it so that some graphic glitches were fixed.

Initially I thought this could be the baseline for version 4.00, big given that the aircraft functionalities are pretty much the same as previous iterations, I thought it was unfair to make it a new, full price version - or even a paid update.
However, supporting different variants and options is quickly becoming impossible to manage - so from now on this project will only be updated for Prepar3D v4.4 (sorry for that).

Here is the list of changes in version 3.60 and 3.61

Version 3.61 - 20/03/2019
- Fixed bug preventing refuel probe to deploy on F-35B external model
- Fixed typo in aircraft.cfg suggesting that gun should be mounted on STA5 instead of STA6

Version 3.60 - 02/03/2019

- Rebuilt all external and internal models to support PBR textures
- All models recompiled using P3Dv4.4 tools
- Updated landing gear model
- Fixed minor UVW coordinates error on F-35C external model
- Fixed minor graphic glitches in F-35B and F-35C external models
- Major rewrite of MFD code with reduced memory footprint and (marginal) performance improvement
- New .air files to provide better, more linear throttle vs. thrust curve
- Fixed several glitches in the FCS code
- FCS Animation code rewritten
- Fixed bug that caused the first radar track not to show in some screens

* - This update by default is configured to use PBR models and work with P3Dv4.4.
You can use this update also with P3Dv4.0 to P3Dv4.3 by deleting the model.cfg files in the model folder of each aircraft and rename the "model.cfg.BackupNonPBR" to "model.cfg".

Download the update by clicking HERE or from the link on the side bar...


Medic535 said...

Installed today, when opening the mfd and displaying it on a 2nd monitor, the frame rate goes to hell. This seems to be a new issue after installing this update. Installed the simple mfd with no difference in performance, even dropped to bare bones on the graphics settings, any ideas?

Aad Schouten said...

Migliore Dino (thanks to
Thanks for de F-35 3.60 update, the problems in keystrokes.xml exist in this update and in the "B"version de visual presents of the airrefuel boom in outside view is missing, in cockpit view de extended boom is present. The airrefuelboom problem is only in the "B" and not in the "C" version.
The "Gun pod" mentioned in the aircraft cfg file of all aircrafts is not on STA-5 but on STA-6
I hope to be of service to you,

Yours sincerely Aad Schouten

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


I am sorry about the loss of frame rates… however, there are no significant changes in the MFD code that could explain this. Actually the new MFD code is way lighter in terms of memory usage.
I will examine the code

@Aad Schouten
Thanks for letting me know.
I will fix the refuel probe issue.

Unknown said...

Files updated to version 3.61 to solve the F-35 refuel probe bug.