Saturday, September 20, 2014

T-45C Goshawk version 2.70 (final?) release

As previously announced, here is a further update to the T-45C Goshawk project. Specifically, and tentatively, this is meant to be the last and final update to the project. Of course it is possible that I have made some mistakes and introduced new bugs... so there may be a fix if there are major mistakes.
Anyway, the intent is to cease the support and updates for this project, given that I do not have enough time to keep on updating my older planes while making new ones. I am really sorry for this, but I cannot support this anymore. So, support and updates for older projects will cease to allow the full scale development of new ones (announcement soon!)...

This version introduces working mirrors for P3Dv2 users (which are OFF by default... you need to manually install the feature...see the information below) and a new canopy glass rendering which includes scratches - I am sure that some of you will not like it, so there is an option to remove them (again, see information below). I also though it was worth making an extra effort and remaster all the external features, which now have more details and should hopefully look better. Here is the full list of changes:

- Improved canopy reflection, which hopefully will fit better to P3Dv2 rendering engine
- Addition of canopy "scratch" texture as implemented in the S-3, with option to remove it.
  NOTE: To remove the scratches from the canopy look into the OPTIONAL FEATURES/NO SCRATCHES subfolder and:
  grab the and replace the default one in the TEXTURE folder.
  You may want to backup the original files.  
- Optional VC model with working mirrors for P3Dv2 users (comes at a frame rate hit)
  NOTE: To install this feature, please look into the OPTIONAL FEATURES/WORKING MIRRORS subfolder and:
  1 - Replace the aicraft.cfg with the one in this folder.
  2 - Replace the T45C2.mdl in the MODEL folder with the one in this folder. 
  You may want to backup the original files. 
- Fix to ADF digital display
- Improved graphics of some gauges, and new ASI/Machmeter and Altimeter models
- Remove the environmental reflection from the external model (users reported rendering problems)
- Fix to a minor backlighting issue in cockpit view
- Fix to a minor glitch in the weapon configurator
- Remastered external textures with additional details
- Helmet visors are now down by default: Exit-3 command will raise them (SHIFT+E and then 3)
- Swapped ADI/HSI default configuration
- Setting pilot or instructor weight to 0 will make the relevant crew figure disappear.

Download from the side bar as usual.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. ur the best. apreciate all your work

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Please keep making addons!

David Telford said...

3330A good chef is never satisfied with his creations. So it is with you Dino, your work has always been superb and retiring one aircraft to work on a new one is completely understandable. Thanks for all you have done and will do for the flight sim community.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Cattenao.

Anonymous said...

Your T45 is almost perfect. Thank you Dino!

Bruno Ferrari said...

Beautiful addon. A lot of work !
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!! Superb work..Simply brillant! Keep it up and all the best.

Tom Gaines said...

Can the Viking 1.00 file be uploaded elsewhere? Google Drive will not allow download, saying the file "has been downloaded too many times". Have tried to download for last 24-hours.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

The (almost)simultaneous release of the S-3 1.00 and T-45C update 2.70 generated a lot of traffic - given that both files are above 200 Mb in size, Google Drive rapidly reaches the daily traffic limit.

I have not yet uploaded yet the Viking elsewhere just because there are some minor issues I'd like to addess first. I will do that once those minor issues are addressed.

Bruno Ferrari said...

Seeing the Goshawk without crew on board parked after a long flight is so beautiful and real!!! Will you apply this feature also to your other planes? I hope it! Anyway once again thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dino grate work!
I don't have any ILS bars on the hud? can you help please? thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Dino I have ILS on the hud now sorry it was my foult:)& Thank you! you are best:)

Anonymous said...

Great work as usual...just a question: how to install the plane in P3D? I've unzipped the file and I got two folders and several files...what I need to do to install it in Prepar3D? Thanks for support

Brendan Kavanagh said...

I'm embarrassed to ask this but does anyone know where the altimeter setting knob is on the T-45 ? I have been using "B" in FSX and after about 10 hours of flying the T45 I still don't know how to set the altimeter...

Anonymous said...

On speed AOA shows 7 units of AoA. Shouldn't it show 17? The Fuel Flow shown in the MFD does not coincide with the
round dial gauge.