Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ceasing support and updates on older projects...

As of today, I have always followed the "continuous improvement" approach - all my FSX projects have been continuously updated whenever possible.
Unfortunately, since the fleet is growing, it is impossible for me to continue supporting / updating older projects and making new ones.
Therefore, I am collecting all the feedback and suggestions I have gathered recently on my older projects in order to prepare "final" builds - after those, no further improvement or support is guaranteed.
I am sorry for that, but I definitely have no time to support my older projects as I did in the past. So, the first project that will be closed is the T-45C Goshawk.

This is the list of changes that I will be implementing - most of them are already in place in the internal build.

- Improved canopy reflection, which hopefully will fit better to P3Dv2 rendering engine
- Addition of canopy "scratch" texture as implemented in the S-3, with option to remove it
- Optional VC model with working mirrors for P3Dv2 users (comes at a frame rate hit)
- Fix to ADF digital display
- Improved graphics of some gauges, and new ASI/Machmeter and Altimeter models
- Option to remove the environmental reflection from the external model (for users who do not like it or have problems)
- Fix to a minor backlighting issue
- Fix to a minor glitch in the weapon configurator

If you have further suggestions or requests please let me know asap. I cannot promise I will implement anthing that is not in the list above, but I will surely have a look.


atrdriver said...

I noticed in a previous update that the pitch trim position indicator seems to have disappeared. Just wondering if it was removed or if it has been moved to a different page. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Landing light switch needed.

Anonymous said...

is it me or is the launch bar switch reversed? when pulled up into "retracted", it puts the bar down?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Launch bar switch is indeed reversed - will fix that.

As for the Landing light switch (apart from possible issues with the compiler...some of my models refuse to compile correctly hence the light cone is not generated)...isn't the switch working? It is located on the side of the throttle as it should be...seems OK on my system.

Sean said...

thanks for all the good work. Have a question regarding the Viking. Where are the wingfold, CRS and HDG knobs at? Do they even exist. Have looked all over the pit, read the manual and nothing.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

I guess you have not looked hard enough.
CRS and HDG are set though the EFIS by pressing the relevant keys and then adjusting the values with the D keys.

Wing fold is protected by a cover - the brownish thing close to the rudder trim wheel... both should be described in the manual, BTW :-)

Greg said...

I know this is a very "nitpicky" request... but on the T-45 (and the F-14 as well) could you close the visors on the pilot's helmets? Speaking as a former USAF fighter pilot, it's very rare that you see pilots flying with their visors up (as you have them) Last thing you want to do is eject at 500kts with no face protection!

Sure - the pilots' faces are very well done, but I'd love to see you close their visors.. just looks much more natural! Otherwise, I think you've done absolutely OUTSTANDING work on all of these packages and I thank you most graciously for allowing us to enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

My mistake, landing light switch works as described, thank you.

David Telford said...

This is just my opinion, but I believe in the first in first out principle(FiFo) meaning, the oldest is the one to lose updates/support first.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

FIFO and LIFO approaches have both their supporting cases...specifically I think the T-45C is at a very good quality level. We are discussing on very minor points, and nothing which will drastically change the quality level.

As for the visors, I implemented them as follows: they will be down by default and exit-3 command will raise them.

I will do the same for the F-14, but I ran out of animations for it, so I will probably link them to the canopy animation.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your wonderful aircraft through the years, thank you!

aspen31 said...

New to the T-45. Awesome in Prepar3d. Despite following the (simple) start procedures the jet will spool up but not ignite - unless I use "control + E" function. Any suggestions appreciated.
Warren (aspen31)