Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Current project updates - and a thoughts for the next one...

Above is a picture of the current build of the MB.326 virtual cockpit - it is almost complete. Actually it just misses the gunsight and some warning signs... In the meantime, Alessandro of Sim Skunk Works has been refurbishing the external textures so they look even better than in my previous screenshots (we will be able to show the looks of the updated model very soon). Also Sim Skunk Works is providing a very realistic flight model: Roy is leading the dynamics design while Mario is providing flight testing - both are seasoned real-world military pilot, and given than Mario has hundreds of flying hours on the real 326 I am really confident that in the end we will have a great result. Last, but not least, Serge is at work on a sound package - based on the sounds from the GoPro recording of my unforgettable flight... (by the way, here is a short version of the video - ) - so the project is in a very good shape, and it is done when it is done... but it is looking really good.

Also, as of today, we plan to support both Tacpack and VAcmi - which is a weapon functionality / management package from Sim Skunk Works - you should check it out (and works in P3Dv2, too!)...

So, what about the rest of my stuff?
Well, there are plans to update all the fleet - but I am experimenting some new techniques and I am building a small set of new and more accurate 3D gauges for the 326 - the plan is to progressively retrofit them on the T-45C, F-14D and S-3B. All will be available as soon as possible, but this is a lot of work - so I cannot say for sure when it will be ready.
Also, minor updates await the F-35 too... 

...and after the 326? Back on the deck with and E-2 or an EA-6B? Well, I am sorry to disappoint all the naval aviation enthusiasts out there, but I think I am done with naval aicrafts for a while - the planes I made where the most interesting ones for me, and I will keep them updated.

At the moment I am evaluation two projects:

1) Aermacchi MB.339A - This is the evolution of the MB.326 and the current ride of the Frecce Tricolori (but will be replaced in 2017 by the M345 - a Siai 211 derivative that does not look as slick IMHO). It is a very important aicraft for aviation enthusiasts in Italy, so either it will be good or it will be a disaster. On the good side, lots of documentation available, and I could reuse a lot of the work done on the MB.326 (the most of the airframe is similar)... Here is how a preliminary test looks so far:

Also, it has to be (or have as an option) a low-poly version mode for large formation flying.

2) Eurofighter Typhoon - This is a much more complex and difficult project. Most of the documentation is still classified (actually the Avionc System manuals can be found with Google - but that is not enough to model it). A good, weapon capable Typhoon would be great - problem is development costs and time would be huge (and probably would be in the payware area). Let's see.


Joe said...

A TacPack Typhoon would definitely be worth payware.

Like in the $50 USD range.

Rohan Smirnoff said...

Just Flight has a new Eurofighter in the payware area. I suppose that there is more market in great planes that haven´t been done yet for FSX/P3D as a quality native product. Mirage F1 is the first that comes to my mind. Also Northrop F-5A/B, AV-8A and TAV-8A...

Trainers are a good choice too, and I´m sure you can find a lot of first hand information about the MB-339.

Trevor Hannant said...

Would happily pay for a Typhoon that's Tacpack ready and up to the standard of your other aircraft. The external model of the AFS one just doesn't cut it and the Just Flight version is still dreadful.

Rohan Smirnoff said...

Well, I suppose that simmers who likes the Typhoon have already purchased the Just Flight´s. How many of them would buy the same plane again a few months or a year later, even being a best version? Only the fanatics of this airplane. The market narrows.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

I personally have decided not to buy Just Flight's Typhoon, even though it is one of my favourite aircraft, as it does not include tac pack features.

It would be great to have a high quality Typhoon that is tac pack enabled to go with the F-35.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

With the due respect to the other developers, I am not completely satisfied with the existing Typhoon renditions. As I said in the previous post, my main scope here is to do things for my own enjoyment (and the way I like them). I would not expect to make a profit from the Eurofighter - but I have good reasons to believe that development costs will be covered.

By the way, the "elephant in the room" of FSX development, to me, it is a up-to-date, Tacpack enabled and high quality F-16. The existing commercial renditions are quite good - but not up to the quality standard set by recent products.

Greg German said...

I, too, would gladly pay handsomely for a TacPack -enabled Typhoon. I wouldn't care if it was only as advanced/as capable the F-35 or the Tomcat.

Regarding the "elephant in the room"... I would love to see you do an F-16 as well.. I would REALLY love to see you do an F-16! As I understand it, Aerosoft hasn't made a decision on their F-16 v2 as of yet.. and I know that Milviz is in the very early stage of modeling theirs. I would love to see you do a proper version... however knowing the F-16 lovers out there, you can bet that there would be demands for practically every Block #, as well as for both the C and D models. I don't see how you could possibly accommodate that within the freeware arena... I think you'd HAVE to do that as a payware offering - but it goes without saying that I would certainly fork over whatever you asked for it without hesitation!

David Harwood said...

Tornado GR-4 and/or F3 would be wonderful as there is nothing out there even as freeware other than the DSB/IRIS which is still an FS2004 upgrade to FSX. The AFS payware is just awful awful awful and although now being fazed out in the near future in the UK its a stunning aircraft!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely pay for a TacPack-ed Typhoon! (In fact, I would happily pay for all your aircraft.) Just Flight's model (which I own) is okay but it leaves a lot to be desired.

I would also love an Alenia Aermacchi M.346 Master for FSX/P3D. ;-)

I really appreciate all you do Dino.



ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Well, the Viper is not in my plans - I know it is an exceptional airframe and all, but for some reason it Always failed to capture my imagination.

By the way there are two Tornadoes in development right now - one will come from SSW and i think it is a guarantee of quality.

That being said, both the Typhoon and the 339 are very interesting... we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino,

Just to say that your models are exellent!!
And a good typhoon is more that a blast of wind!

Ps don't forget about the tanker version of the S-3 Viking, please.

Thanks for all the work and time you put in your models!

Red Baron

Chris Globe said...

The JustFlight Typhoon isn't exactly a good rendition, especially when you take in to account the vibration when trying to fly straight and level and the lack of TacPack, a Typhoon of your level would certainly be worth the expense!

Mariano said...

Hi Dino

The 339 looks very much like the 326. Seems a bit redundant, especially since they are being replaced.

How about the 346? A better looking trainer does not exist, IMHO. I saw the model of this beautiful bird in the museum at LIMC, and it is just gorgeous.

I've also seen some high quality models available for purchase that I think you might find useful. I would certainly be happy to contribute to purchase one of course.

Thanks for all your contributions, I really get lots of enjoyment out of the T45 and F35.

Trevor Pollen said...

Reading the PDF for the F-35B, it mentions a Vertical Camera to help with positioning on Carrier Deck. Can't locate it on the aircraft, anyone able to help?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


After the initial feasibility I am leaning towards the Eurofighter.
As for the 339, the point of the project would exactly be its commonality with the 326 (practically the same flight model and wings).

Aside, rest assured that the S-3 is still in progress, including the tanker version.

Vertical camera was removed due to frame rate issues, and planning for a future (and never implemented) integration into the MFD.

Loerch said...

I'd definitely pay for a decent Eurofighter with TacPack!

Adam said...

Hey Dino you shod release one Eurofighter with your quality for free. But then make the tackpack ready one cost like £10 ($20) also if you could reply I have an issue with your F35 collapsing it's front wheel when I land it. Even when it's really soft

Bruno Ferrari said...

Wathewer will be your future projects I' m very very happy that now you are working on Italian Air Force aircraft. Thank you Dino

Mary Brown said...

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Anonymous said...

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