Monday, August 20, 2018

F-35 Lightning II update to version 3.52


Here is yet another update to the payware F-35, which will bring the release version to 3.52.
I am taking the chance to clarify a couple of things:

- Customers of "older" versions of the F-35 (meaning V1.X and V2.X, now freeware) are not entitled to the free upgrade to version 3.50. Only customers who have purchased version 3.X will get the update. So please do not ask distributors for the download links.

- AFAIK all the distributors have updated their links to version 3.50. If you still have difficulties in downloading the new installers from them, please let me know by dropping an email to

- Version 3.50 is the new "FULL INSTALL" baseline. Further updates, like this one, will be deployed through this blog and will require manual installation. So, please do not ask to distributors for version 3.51 or 3.52.

That being said, here is what is new in this release:

Version 3.52 - 20/08/2018
- Minor refinements to flight model
- Added MAP modes also in extended and full-screen portal modes for TSD1, TSD2 and TSD3 (courtesy of Roberto Leonardo)

- Added missing code for automatic anti-skid engagement
- Fixed graphic glitch in A-A target symbology
- Added possibility to enter negative values for VV in AP mode
- Miscellaneous code fix
- Better alignment of TSD symbology (but still far off in some cases)
- Added optional "Simplified" MFD:
  This is a simpler MFD that will occupy less memory and may generate a (minimal) increase in performance.
  To install this, open the file and drag and drop the F-35_MFD folder in your F-35A\Panel folder.
  You may want to backup the F-35_MFD folder first.
  This will eliminate some pages (WPNA, WPNS, CHCKLST, TSD2, TSD3 and PHM) and restrict the functionality of Others.

You can download the update by clicking HERE or from the side bar.

PS - I also noticed that, for a mistake, version 1.13 of the Eurofighter did not include the intended code for the antiskid...the mistake was rectified, so you may want to download the update again.

How to Convert your aircraft 3DStudio model from FSX/P3D to XPlane11

It took me a while to undestand how the StepToSky XPlane11 plug-in for 3DStudio Max worked… I had tried to convert some of my models in the past, but could not get the animations to play or they looked wrong. Then, some days ago, I decided to try again and finally understood some of the basic concepts I was missing...and the S-211 is now flying in XPlane 11 too.

So I decided to write a small "guide/memo" to help other designers that may want to convert some of their models to XP11 but were baffled by the lack of documentation on the plug-in and how to use it.

This guide assumes that:
- You know how to develop a 3D model for FSX/P3D
- You have the model ready in 3D Studio Max
- You have correctly installed the Step2Sky Plug-in
- You want to convert your model to X-Plane 11
- You know how to use X-Plane 11 Plane Maker (and you have already prepared a flight model for the aircraft)

You can download the document HERE.


You may also want to check the channel JRollon Planes - this guy is amazing and shows you how to build a 3D model from scratch for XP11 in 3D Studio (warning: he uses an older version of the plugin with slightly different interface)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Eurofighter Typhoon Upgrade to version 1.13

Here is a (very) small update to the Eurofighter Typhoon - mostly meant to address a bug with the MODE 4 code (which is used as the Tacpack team identification) that made it impossible for users to enter the code and change teams. This patch will work with version 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12... and will bring them all to version 1.13.
I took the chance to introduce other very minor improvements, such as the possibility to use Indicated Air Speed in place of Equivalent Air Speed in the avionics. Here is the list of changes:

- Fixed a bug that prevented proper functionality of the MODE4 code (and consequently Tacpack team selection)
- Fixed minor accuracy bug in waypoint management and pre-planned target data entry (although the error was really small)
- Added code for wheel brakes anti-skid
- Added options to configurator:
  - Use IAS instead of EAS (this could be preferred by some users - note that the autopilot system uses IAS)
  - Open/close the canopy
  - Extend/retract the crew access ladder

Download the update HERE or from the side bar.

Monday, August 13, 2018

FSX-P3D-XP11-AFS2-DCS - in search for best practices for model multiplatform development.

In the past few weeks I have spent some time experimenting with DCS and XP11, along with Aerofly FS2 (for which I had already posted some screenshots of the S-211). Trying to convert my planes for these platforms showed the restrictions you need to take in account if you wanted to convert an FSX/P3D model to other platforms...and it is MUCH easier if you plan ahead and build your models in a certain way. Note that, after all these years, FSX/P3D SDK is, in many ways, still the most flexible in terms of modeling.

Being an engineer I felt the need to put my findings in an Excel spreadsheet - with the main scope of drawing some conclusions on what are these best practices and I planned to share them publicly in a proper format and with extensive explaination...but I'll never have the time to do that so here is the spreadsheet - color coded of course:

Green means no issues 
Yellow means "caution - some limitations or annoyances!"
Red means "warning - major problems or very cumbersome procedure!
Blue means "very cool"

Note that this is not a comparison of the simulators or the engines - just some personal observations from the aicraft modeling perspective - so do not get upset if you thing your simulator of choice is being overly criticized.
Note also that there is no commonality of any kind in the flight modeling between these platforms - so, apart from getting data and test points, you will have to redo each flight model in any case.

Resulting best pratices for this analysis are as follows:
  • The preferred modeling software is 3D Studio MAX (surprise surprise)
  • DO NOT use multimaterial in 3DS Max. FSX/P3D and DCS are fine with multimaterials, but AFS2 and XP11 are not.
  • Use only SQUARE bitmaps if at all possible (actually only AFS2 does not support rectangular can easily make them "square" by resizing them but it is a loss of resources (or resolution if you downsize them). And anyway this is a good practice in general for videogames over multiple engines.
  • Make sure you do not have overlapping edges or vertices in the UVW coordinates. These will create artifacts in AFS2 (and to a lesser extent in XP11). This one too is a general good practice...but FSX and P3D tolerate it very well and there are no visual artifacts of sorts. 
  • All the objects with hierarchy links MUST be done with the same material (this is a limitation which applies ONLY to XP11, but it is annoying). This is pretty imporant. If you have multiple parts that need to move together or ar part of a hierarchy chain they must be done with the same material. 
  • Building analog instruments in 3D is preferred over dynamic textures. 3D animations of instruments and needles are supported in all of the platforms (and actually it is the way they are meant to be done in AFS2 in any case).
  • Virtual cockpit must match the external model closely. While in FSX/P3D the VC is a completely separate model, in the other sims it is not like that. XP11 can have a "cockpit" object, but it is limited to one normal texture and one dynamic texture. DCS has a sepaarate VC model, true, but it superimposed on the external model geometry (and then you need to hide the elements you do not want). AFS seems to embrace the "unique model" philosophy - no separate VC model (but you can hide stuff from the external model, such as pilot figures).
I am sorry I do not have the time right now to go into further details… but still I hope it is useful.
I urge FSX/P3D designers to have a close look a XP11 as the conversion (at least for GA planes) is much simpler than it looks at a glance, and you can have your planes Flying in XP11 in days.
One one about Aerofly FS2 - I still think it has a lot of potential… but it needs a graphical tool to help plane developers. Conversion of the model is easy...but you have to animate it manually by entering axis, rotations and translations manually in a text file. It is doable, and you get used to it, but a graphical tool or a conversion of the animations from the modeling tool would be much much better.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

F-35 Lightning II - update from v3.50 to v3.51

Following the release of F-35 version 3.50, a couple of minor bugs have been detected, so here is a small patch that should fix them. Also, lower resolution textures for canopy reflection and scratches textures are provide, for user that may want to trade some minor details for a lower video memory consumption.
The plan was to establish version 3.50 as baseline, and the build upon it with patches like this one.
Here is the list of changes.

from version 3.50 to version 3.51
Released on 05/08/2018

Version 3.51 - 05/08/2018
- Fixed major bug in CNI page which caused the keypad to be inoperative
- Fixed bug in CNI causing NAV frequency to stick to the TACAN channel once a Tacan channel was set
- Fixed wrong terrain color entry (for to to 1000ft altitude - light grey intead of green)
- Fixed bug in the control of the TSD3 page while in full screen
- Added optional low res textures to reduce video memory usage

FSX (unsupported)
- Fixed bug in CNI causing NAV frequency to stick to the TACAN channel once a Tacan channel was set
- Fixed wrong coordinates ADF mouse area in the CNI page

See the installation instruction in the README.txt file in the zip.
The update can be downloaded HERE or from the side bar.

Monday, July 23, 2018

USS America LHA-6 update to version 0.12 Beta

Following user feedback, here is a small update to the USS America LHA-6 project:

Version 0.12
- Added "wings" courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Repositioned landing spot markings for MV-22
- Changes to F-35 operations deck (now, only F-35s + 2 SH-60 for SAR)
- Minor improvements to night lighting
- Further changes to configuration names following feedback from users

In general, it seems that the ship does not have many issues… there are a couple of minor tweaks I'd like to introduce before the official release (e.g. waving flag, additional deck configurations, USS Tripoli) but I am not sure when I'll have the time to do them.

Anyway you can download the latest version from the sidebar or by clicking HERE.
Download links on the old post have been updated.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

F-35 Lightning II version 3.50 for Prepar3D v2.5, V3.x and v4.x

As some of you are aware of, I have been working on a further update to the payware F-35 Lightning II project. Unfortunately the source files for this project have been lost two years ago due to a malware attack (and because I was stupid enough to have left the backup drive connected to the PC). As result, it took quite a while to make some significant progress with this project: to implement some of the functionalities I had to rebuild the source models for the virtual cockpits and it was not an easy task.

As result, version 3.50 is different enough from its predecessors to require some further testing. A quick Beta test is planned and test version have been sent to selected testers.

Here is a (non comprehensive) list of the changes so far:

- New, more realistic flight models by Roy Holmes. These should match all the data publicly known so far, and provide a more realistic behavior.
- Implemented load-dependent drag for more realistic performance
- Implemented Ambient Occlusion mapping to all the external models
- Added South Korean, Japanese and Turkish repaints to F-35A
- Added Italian Navy and miscellaneous USMC repaints to F-35B
- Added VFA-125 and VX-9 repaints to F-35C
- Rebuilt and improved 3D vitual cockpit geometry
- Improved textures of virtual cockpit
- Added specular mapping to virtual cockpit
- Improved brightness and readability of Head Mounted Display
- Added "roll" degree of freedom to Head Mounted Display
- Brightess of MFD can be controlled manually
- Implemented digital indicator for remaining parking brake applications
- Backup Tacan now works
- Improved night lighting of virtual cockpit
- Implemented functionality of Emergency Jettison Knob
- Solved bug preventing digital imagery to appear on subportals in some instances
- Implemented Team Selection (Tacpack) through Mode 4 in CNI page
- Implemented Tacan input in CNI page
- Redone Generator/Started knob (now it should work as IRL).
- New full installers for P3Dv2 and v3, and P3v4 (full install). An installer for FSX is now provided, too.

Other changes planned but not implemented yet:

- Addition of MAP mode to TSD screens (actually it was left out as it is quite a frame rate killer on older systems…)
- Possibility to manually select, edit, delete and add waypoints through the DTM page
- Possibility to enter PP target coordinates in the DTM page
- Addition of WHOT option to TFLIR
- Addition of alternate radar presentation to SRCH page

Instruction to testers

This is not a full Beta test - the F-35 is a consolidated product, and there are no plans to massively upgrade it at least in the short term. The key points of this updates are the new flight model and the new VC models. As for the flight model, Roy Holmes has provided (as usual) an extremely refined flight model with a very realistic behavior… still it is possible that there are issues we could not detect. As for the VC, I had to rebuild the geometry source there may be bugs. Here is a list of things I'd like you to check

- Check installers functionality: separate installers are provided for P3dv4, P3dv2.5 and v3 and FSX.
- Check flight models
- Check Virtual Cockpit geometry/functionality and animations
- Check the new liveries for (big) inaccuracies (e.g. reversed letters or macroscopic things like these)

Again, this is just a quick check to verify that there are no major issues. Please submit feedback either by email or by adding a comment to this post (preferred).

BUGS FOUND SO FAR (and improvements):
Updated 18/07/2018 - 01:00 CET

External Model
EXT001 - "NO STEP" markings reversed on the slats: review all liveries and all models and check. Note:.F-35B and C are OK. This is an issue with the F-35A model, as the slat is mirrored. Possible solutions: get rid of the "NO STEP" marking on the F-35A slats, or replace it with generic graphics. Otherwise leave situation as is. Mitigated by replacing "NO STEP" with generic graphic sign.
EXT002 - VX-9 livery VX-9 marking reversed on right side. Fixed.
EXT03 - "NO STEP" markings reversed on tailerons. Incorrect texturing on F-35A and B. -C model seems OK. Fixed for all A and C liveries.

Flight Model
FM001 - F-35A cannot not deploy the speed brake -> Fixed: improper entry in the aicraft.cfg
FM002 - Gear impact thresholds were incorrect - particularly on the F-35C. Fixed on all models.
FM003 - F-35A had much higher landing speeds than intended. Investigation in progress. It seems that an incorrect aicraft.cfg was packed in the Beta files for a mistake. Fixed. Added missing entry in the F-35A configuration file.
FM004 - Tailhook on F-35C cannot deploy completely when on the ground. Investigation in progress.
FM005 - Fuel burn rate is slightly off the mark. Reported range about 1400 NM versus the supposed 1200 NM range of the F-35A.
FM006 - Contact point instability (drift and rotation over time): This is a contact point instability due to FSX/P3D engine. Was already present in the previous iterations. It is possible to reduce it by changing the gear parameters, but previous attempts led to unsatisfactory gear dynamics.
FM007 - Engine trust at idle is high (will cause the a/c to model even at idle) - Note, general engine performance is otherwise good, so any change should be done carefully.

Virtual Cockpit Model
VC001 - Spotted a "rogue" 3D bolt in the 3D model (all versions) nearby the left pedal - Fixed, removed from all models. 
VC002 - Minor shadowing/smoothing issue with HOOK/STOVL button (all models) - Fixed, redone button smoothing on all models.
VC003 - Suggestion to implement separate guard animation for EMERG GEAR. - Fixed, EMERG GEAR guard animation is now separate, and so is the Mouse Area click (two clicks required to animate the EMERG GEAR switch).

AV001 - New functionality: implemented selectable WHOT/BLOT modes for TFLIR Imagery
AV002 - BFI airspeed ladder was limited to 350kts. Increased to 600 kts.
AV003 - Different airspeed data sources for MFD/HMD/BFI - Fixed. All gauges will now point to a local variable. Data source will be selectable from the pilot in the DTM page.
AV004 - ENG Page: EGT needle rotation is out of scale. - Fixed. Proper rotation and scale. 
AV005 - ENG Page: Throttle setting has no value. - Fixed. Added throttle setting reading.
AV006 - ENG Page:  N1 RPM needle rotation out of scale - Fixed. Redone ENG page code.
AV007 - Top bar, engine status report: verify rotation/settings.
AV008 - ENG Page: Oil needle always in red area, suggestion to add it.  Fixed. Redone ENG page code.
AV009 - Missing audible gear warning.
AV010 - TSD: suggestion to add waypoint controls to this page
AV011 - TSD suggestion to add map/terrain layer here (note: due to GPS mapping limitations, adding the mao mode is possible only in 3-views portal)
AV012 - A/P suggestion to add possibility to engagé A/T with current airspeed (note: FSX autothrottle will point to IAS, not EAS - possible inconsistency if air data source is not IAS)
AV013 - A/P suggestion to add possibility to set negative V/S for descent.
AV014 - TACAN ON/OFF - double click needed to switch it on/off? Fixed bug in switch animation, however the switch itself is not meant operational as in this implementation the TACAN is basically a duplicate of the NAV1 radio. Also, rejected bug report stating that X/Y button does not work. X/Y button does work as intended, however the code will not turn to Y if the Y frequencies are not supported by FSX/P3D.
AV015 - CNI PAGE - evaluate possibility to introduce volume controls.
AV016 - Autopilot: tends to overshoot waypoints
AV017 - Suggestion to add the possibility to read flight plans from file (note: it is possible to do it in XML by storing data in an XML file)
AV018 - Suggestion to add the possibility to upload user-selected graphic images to DTM (ofr target identification etc. real F-35 can Exchange videos/images/etc. through datalink)
AV019 - Planned addition of WPT controls (including addition and deletion) to DTM page. Done: it is now possible to manage waypoints in the DTM page.
AV020 - Planned addition of PP target coordinates inut in DTM page. Done: it is now possible to enter PP target coordinates in the DTM page.
AV021 - Suggestion to add the CAGE/UNCAGE option to HUD (for example in HUD page). Added CAGE switch to HUD page.
AV022 - ENG Page: Thrust scale reading was offset, also did not report the actual percentage of thrust, but rather N1. Fixed
AV023 - HMD Visibility does not work as intended in FSX (duplicate graphics). Fixed. Default HMD code for P3Dv4 does not work with FSX. A custom HMD.xml had to be created.
AV024 - New functionality for FSX: updated TFLIR interface (still no imagery available, but at least you can type-in laser codes and check if the laser is functional)
AV025 - New functionality for FSX: updated CNI page to the same functionality as P3D.
AV026 - New functionality: added possibility to switch between EAS and KIAS as air data sources in the DTM page.
AV027 - Jettison knob and button do not work. Fixed: variable mismatch between avionics code and virtual cockpit model, now works as intended.
AV028 - Battery and lights switches missing custom sound - Only non standard FSX assigments have custom sounds...working to see if it is possible to add them quickly. Fixed: reworked Modeldef.xml to add them.

AV029 - Miscellaneous controls missing custom sound - Only non standard FSX assigments have custom sounds...working to see if it is possible to add them quickly.
AV030 - Wrong scale of superimposed symbology (e.g. targets and vehicles) in all TSD screens and modes above 40Nm range. Fixed: mismatch between scale and pixel per mile factor in TSD.XML.
AV031 - Evaluate altenate association of "X-Ray" vision - function was already present: control+shift+x
AV032 - Check autopilot functionality, tester reported it is not possible to set altitude below 10000ft in FSX. Fixed: issue in visualization of A/P otions (FSX ONLY) - redone FSX AP interface (now same as P3D).
AV033 - Evaluate "cold and dark" option.
AV034 - HMD in free-look mode reports targeting information even when the landing gear is down (contrary to virtual HUD)
AV035 - Fixed minor bug in A/P window showing incorrectly entries when typing in altitude.
AV036 - Newly introduced input option require the user to actively press the ENT key, contrary to the older functions - harmonization would be better.

AV037 - Add a UNDESIGNATE command - Fixed. Control+shift+U acts as undesignate (cancels A/A and A/S targets)
AV038 - Designate command should also work in place of the trigger in A/A mode. Fixed.
AV039 - It is possible to select AIM-9X or AIM-120 missiles even if none is loaded. Fixed.
AV040 - Speed variation index visible as fixed symbol when HMD is in free look mode. Fixed
AV041 - Improve readability of EFI page while in subportal mode. Fixed
AV042 - Improve color contrast of EFI ladder. Fixed
AV043 - Radio height visible even if above 5000ft - Fixed
AV044 - Misplaced TFLIR position on the F-35B - Fixed
AV045 - Change SRCH mode visualization in AZ vs range (B-scope) - Done
AV046 - One user experienced issues with TFLIR imaging (sees ownship) - Under investigation
AV047 - BARO/RAD setting added to HUD page.

MISC001 - New functionality: you can now partially add/remove fuel in the configurator, as well as repair the Aircraft.
MISC002 - Preview images need to be updated (needed only for FSX) - added new thumbnails for all variants
MISC003 - Incorrect Aircraft.cfg entry for USAF 11-5050 - Fixed
MISC004 - Add better stall warning sound - Fixed
MISC005 - Configurator graphic is incorrect (missing one slash) - Fixed
MISC006 - Maximum load configuration renamed "Beast mode"
MISC007 - Changed default load to LGB to all models.
MISC008 - VRS Tacpack multiplayer signature - Fixed, signed all aircrafts.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

USS America LHA6 - Public Beta

See release notes in later post

I have been notified that the names in the sim.cfg may cause issues in AICarriers - the objects have been renamed and should work now, but please let me know

Happy 4th of July to all my American supporters!
As some of you are aware of, lately I have been working on a USS America model - this was developed mostly because I wanted a proper "home" for my F-35B.
This was initially intended to be part of the next update to the F-35 project… but I thought it was better to release it for free for a number of reasons: for one, the development resources spent for this ship have been quite limited….but the main one is that I think that a ship like this was much needed, not only for the F-35, but also for the SH-60, CH-53 and Osprey pilots.
Given that this is my first ship, most likely there will be a number of inaccuracies and mistakes: suggestions and bug reports are welcome, as usual - if at all possible submit your feedback as comments of this post.

NOTE: This is SimObject boat! You need Tacpack, AICarriers, SimDirector or similar applications to spawn it in game.

- Detailed model of USS America LHA-6, including aicrafts and deck crew.
- Three configurations:
 - Empty deck
 - F-35 Operations
 - MV-22 Operations
- Landable deck
- Night Lighting (preliminary)

You can dowload the BETA version by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

F-35 V3.50 Update - Testers needed

As some of you are aware of, I am working on a further (and quite extensive) update of the F-35 package.
Also, you may recall that the source files of the F-35 were lost due to a malware attack (and me being stupid having the backup files stores in an fixed HDD which was wiped out too), so it took quite a while to make significant progress - actually I had to rebuild the source files for the virtual cockpits to make some significant progress. The external models have not been rebuilt/changed...just because it would take months.
Big thing is a completely new flight models by Roy Holmes - which closely mimic the (scarce) publicly available data.

Now, I have working working models of the improved Virtual Cockpits - and I'd need some Beta testers to double check they work.

The v3.50 Beta will be deployed in two steps: in the first we'll just check that the models are OK and work as intended, however the avionic suite will be identical to the previously release version (3.23). In the second, we'll have a round of new avionic features/improvements.

In detail, the current version I have on my HD (3.50 Beta 1) features the following changes:

External model:
- Introduced Ambient Occlusion mapping to all liveries and models
- Added Japanese, South Korean and Turkish liveries to F-35A
- Added Italian Navy and miscellaeneous USMC liveries to F-35B
- Added VX-9 and VFA-125 liveries to F-35C

Flight model:
- Completely new flight model for all variants: more realistic handling and engine performance
- External loads now create additional drag

Virtual cockpit
- Complete rebuild of the source files
- Improved 3D geometry in several areas
- Improved textures in several areas
- Added specular reflection effects
- New BFI indicator courtesy of IRIS Flight Simulations
- Improved HMD general readability and better drawing distance for bad weather
- Moved canopy opening control to the opposite side (I was told this is the current location)
- Jettison mode knob now works as intended
- Remaining brake applications counter is now digital (and works)
- MFD has now two selectable brightness levels
- Added night lighting map
- Backup TACAN now works
- Combined Generator/Starter knob should now work as intended
- General visibility optimization
….and a number of small improvements which are too many to mention.

If you are willing to have a quick test of the latest build, to help me make sure it works as intended, here are the prerequisites:

- Have a good knowledge of my latest F-35 payware build
- Have 3.30 GHz quad-core processor and a good video card (better if 960 or above)
- Have P3D (any version) with Tacpack. I may be interested in a small number of FSX users, but please beware that NO AVIONICS UPDATES are planned for FSX. As before, a patch that simplifies avionics to achieve FSX compatibility will be provided.

If you meet all the prerequisites, you may drop me an email at with:
- Your system (just CPU, video card and RAM)
- The simulator you intend to use for the testing
- Proof of purchase (unless you have a complimentary copy - if so please let me know)
- Any special reason why you want to help

Thanks in advance!

Friday, June 8, 2018

S-3B Viking AI Tanker

Finally here is S-3B AI Tanker model… I had this one sitting almost finished for quite a while...but never had the time (nor I was in the right mood) to complete.
It is basically a very simplified model of my old S-3, with some optimizations to be used as a tanker for Tacpack (or similar applications that can spawn a tanker or an AI aircraft).

Features of this model:
- simplified 3D model for better frame rates, optimized for viewing distances/angles of in flight refuel. No landing gear or other details modeled
- the refuel hose is always extended
- features navigation and formation lights
- multiple liveries (a selection of the ones available in the S-3 package)
- the model uses the same texture coordinates and format of the full S-3 you can add more texture sets if you want to
- intended to be used as AI tanker with Tacpack, or other similar applications which can spawn an AI Tankers
...and of course it comes with recommended Tacpack settings

Aside... actually it *should* be possible to use the full S-3 model as human-driven tanker in multiplayer mission, but AFAIK it was never tested and nobody tried it.
This is a freeware release: you can download it by clicking HERE (or from the side bar).

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Eurofighter update to version 1.12

After the release of Eurofighter version 1.10 and the update to version 1.11, some other minor bugs have been highlighted and have been fixed. So here we go with (yet another) update to the Eurofighter.
Note: this update includes the changes in version 1.11, so you can apply either to update a fresh install of version 1.10, or you can apply to an installation already update to version 1.11. It will work on both the 32 bit and 64 bit version of the package.

- Fixed color match in Cyber Tiger repaint
- Fixed visual interference between pylons 4 and 10 and gear doors
- Changed Lift Dump animation: it will now retract automatically below 20 knots (as in real life)
- Fixed minor graphical switch in FUEL page (showing a minimal quantity of fuel in external tanks even if they are empty)
- Fixed bug preventing stopwatch from updating in the HUD in some instances
- Fixed bug preventing selection of automatic vs. manual waypoint switch
- Fixed bug causing VRS Tacan Tanker information to overlap with other HUD graphics in some instances

- Fixed bug preventing the laser spot designator from correctly pointing towards PP target
- Fixed bug preventing the targeting logic from correcly uploading GPS coordinates for PP targets in some instances
- Introduced the necessity to press FCS RESET button when engines are powered up to align control surfaces.
  This is not required if the flight is started in mid-air, or if the avionics are set with Control+Shift+R
- Extension of fuel probe now automatically selects the FUEL page on Right MHDD
- HUD now shows the "REFUELING" caption if fuel is being transfered by a Tacpack tanker
- Added Lift Dump animation: if aicraft is on the ground, throttles are idle and PoF is LANDING, Canards and Tailerons will move to the maximum drag position.
- Added 36th Stormo repaint courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Added RAF 100 Years repaint courtesy of Matt Kingscott
- Added Cyber Tiger repaint courtesy of Marius Krämer (

As usual you can download it either from the side bar or from the link HERE.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eurofighter Update to version 1.11 (Patch)

This is an update to the latest retail version of the Eurofighter 2000 package for FSX and P3D.

To install the patch:
FIRST you need to install the latest version of the Eurofighter package in the simulator of your choice.
You can get it from your distributor of choice (SimMarket, FlightSimStore, FSPilot Shop and PCPilotShop). Current version is 1.10.To do this you simple direct the installation folder to the MAIN folder of the simulator you chose.
Then you should take the Eurofighter_2000 folder included in this zip file and drop it to the /SimObjects/Aircraft subfolder.
You will be notified that a number of files will be overwritten, and you should accept it at the prompt.

- Fixed bug preventing the laser spot designator from correctly pointing towards PP target
- Fixed bug preventing the targeting logic from correcly uploading GPS coordinates for PP targets in some instances
- Introduced the necessity to press FCS RESET button when engines are powered up to align control surfaces.
  This is not required if the flight is started in mid-air, or if the avionics are set with Control+Shift+R
- Extension of fuel probe now automatically selects the FUEL page on Right MHDD
- HUD now shows the "REFUELING" caption if fuel is being transfered by a Tacpack tanker
- Added Lift Dump animation: if aicraft is on the ground, throttles are idle and PoF is LANDING, Canards and Tailerons will move to the maximum drag position.
- Added 36th Stormo repaint courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Added RAF 100 Years repaint courtesy of Matt Kingscott
- Added Cyber Tiger repaint courtesy of Marius Krämer (


The update can be downloaded from the side bar or by clicking HERE

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SIAI S-211 / Aermacchi M-345 Release, Manual and Paintkit

The SIAI-Marchetti S-211 package is now available for purchase at SimMarket! It will be available soon from other distributors, too.
The SimMarket page is HERE.

Aside, here is the link to the paint kit:
S-211/M-311/M-345 Paintkit
Note that the model has 3 visual variants: one for the S-211, one for the M-311/M-345 demonstrator and one for the M-345 prototype. You should use the template relative to the model you want to repaint.

Last here is a link to the manual.pdf (althout a copy of the manual is included in the package, in the S-211/docs folder).
S-211/M-311/M-345 Product Manual

There are few controls which are not documented:
- Clickling the rearview mirror will make it reflective (dynamical reflections supported in P3Dv3.1 and above)
- Clicking on the throttle friction (when throttle is at idle) will set the throttle to stop
- Clicking on the stick will make it disappear, and to make it re-appear you will have to click the pedal adjustment knob.

Last there is a small bug in the M-345HET so that you cannot set the CRS... will fix that in the first patch.