Monday, September 15, 2014

S-3B Viking v1.00 release

Well, I have to confess that the S-3B is still nowhere I'd like it to be in terms of quality. To me, it was not as satisfactory as the previous project, and the resulting quality and accuracy still leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway, I believe it can still be considered a decent piece of freeware and it is probably the best rendition of the Viking around. So I guess I should be happy...
Anyway, I have fixed some of the small issues that emerged after the 0.99 release - and given that I will not have much time in the next few weeks, I have decided to release version 1.00 "as it is" tonight. It is not significantly better than 0.99, but considering that no major bugs were detected I think it should be OK for most users.

With respect to the 0.99 Beta, changes are as follows:

Version 1.00
September 15th 2014

- Improved glass reflection
- Fixed aicraft.cfg entry os that NASA livery was not listed
- Fixed aicraft.cfg manufacturer entry
- Fixed texture on copilot seat (did not match placard)
- Fixed strobe, navigation and formation light switches not working in VC
- Improved flight model, should provide more accurate speeds
- Replaced ASI/Mach and altimeter models with more accurate ones
- Fixed elevator and trim indicators not working
- Fixed landing gear doors reflections
- Fixed APU door is now animated (open and closes with APU switch)
- Files are now signed for Tacpack Multiplayer

- Landing light does not illuminate the ground (compiling the light in the mdl does not work for some reason I do not the light effect is in the aicraft.cfg - this is why it does not illuminate the ground)
- Authrottle not working as intended (root cause not identified)
- Some users reported issues with the launch bar, but could not be replicated (launch bar does not have issues on my system and seems to work fine - if you have "bumping" issues you may consider not to apply full throttle before launching)

File can be downloaded from the side bar as usual.

So, once again, I am not really proud of this one - it seems a little below my other projects. Still the Viking is such an awesome machine that, hopefully, some of its awesomeness will show in this rendition.
One last thing - the AI-tanker model is ready but there is a strange (and not yet solved) bug in the hose animation. I am considering to change it to an on/off condition - anyway I'll try to fin the time to release in the next few days, but do not count on that...


Anonymous said...

why is the down load not just one file?

Anonymous said...

never mind last post

Anonymous said...

thanks for the v1.0!

looks and flies great.

just some very minor stuff, intended or not:
1. flap status indicator issue? loiter and dn but no up?
2. flap 1st detent not lowering slats (2nd detent lowers both slats and flaps 15)
3. light switches, vc panel+flood switch tied to nav lights, not independent of each other. formation light independent of others.

thanks again for the new release.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Will look into those when I go back home tonight.

Turnbull2000 said...

Can't get this one to work yet. Get a fatal error when selecting the aircraft. Regardless, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

IMPORTANT NOTICE !!!!! Until futher notice DO NOT use this on the server.... it is generating about 18,000 to 19,000 packets and IS CRASHING the server. THANKS

Rod said...

rats google is not allowing download on any of the files.

"Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later."

Pity as this is normally absolutely flawless.

Bruno Ferrari said...

I was luky enaugh to download the Viking some days ago! So, IMHO Dino has perfectly captured the look of this bird. There's some improvements to do in the VC but it's a very fine addon!

Bruno Ferrari said...

Furthermore, the day after the release of the Viking, I' ve achieved my PPL . So this addon wil be forever associated to this goal. Thanks Dino

Will said...

Hi Dino. Great work you do. I've been flying your planes for years. I am having an issue with the Attitude Indicator on the S3. It just shows blue untill I roll or maneuver then it just looks like chunky parts of what it should be. Any ideas?

Eric said...

Hi Dino. Hope all is well with you this holiday season!

Is there any possibility for an S-3 tanker any time soon? even perhaps a beta of it?

I have tacpack and am looking forward to tanking my Navy aircraft!

Jamil said...


I recently downloaded your S-3 and there is significant lag in the cockpit during multiplayer shared cockpit. Is there a fix to this?

Stratford White said...

Is there a document with the payloads/hardpoints for weapons on the
S-3B simular to that with the F-14?

The Warhorse Battalion said...

How do I just fire the weapons? got no problems with the a/c.

FlightSim Hobbyist said...

I would like for someone to tell me what are key commands to extend the MAD boom and open the bomb bay doors and to extend the infa red scanner?

Anonymous said...

what are the key combos for the fuel nets and radar

Michael Laviolette said...

The S3 is by far the best Viking sim around. I took the liberty to redo the cockpit textures and if anyone is interested in seeing them please let me know. I also have done a few repaints and likewise, if anyone would like, I will post the files if it is ok with Dino. Anyhow, Dino, I am a big fan! You do great stuff and I am looking forward to your beta or final of the Grumman C-2 or E-2. I bet they will be terrific!