Monday, January 6, 2014

T-45C version 2.57 release

Just after the release I noticed that one file was wrong (namely the new pilot helmet texture) - I have amended that file and, to avoid confusion, I have updated the release version to 2.57 - Sorry for the incovenience!

During the tests of the latest version of the F-14D, I noticed some minor issues with the T-45C... these are really minor things, but a little annoying to me - so I decided to fix them and here we are with another update:

- Minor color adjustments to crew helmets

- Minor graphics adjustments in the MFD ADI page
- Minor graphics adjustments in the MFD HUD page

- Further adjustment to the bounding box

You can download the updated version (version 2.57) from the side bar, or by clicking HERE.

By the way, people asked why I stick on making "full versions", rather than patches. Reason is it is easier for me to manage. Given that I update the projects quite often, it is much easier to provide updated version in this way rather than keeping track of the various amended files in the different releases.

Another thing I have been asked is to provide automatic installers - I did it once and I received a lot of negative feedback. Most people seem to prefer the manual installation, and I prefer that too - let alone the fact that you need to update the installers, Windows registry etc. 

So, I'll keep on providing the files in .zip format, with no installer. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your continual improvements. The T-45C keeps getting better and better.

Can't wait to see the S-3B.


Dino Cattaneo said...


I have suspended the dowload of the T-45 to replace one file... It will be back online in half an hour.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Files amended, zip is back online.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

To avoid confusion, the amended version has been renamed v2.57

Orion said...

I made a utility to help install and uninstall FSX addons that don't have installers. Of course, copy and paste would be simple enough, but the advantage to my utility is that it automatically backs up old files and creates a log of operations, allowing for easy uninstalls as well.

It's available on GitHub here:

Maurizio Palandella said...

thanks for this wonderful addon, just a reques:
it would be possible to improve the graphics of the alarm panel, in order to make the alerts more similar to the glass lamp?
I hope to be able to explain to me, my English is not very good


Varun Krishnaswami said...

Hey Dino, could you add realistic engine smoke in the next update for the Tomcat and Goshawk and also maybe the S-3. Also may i ask when the S-3 Viking is releasing??

Scott Gray said...

Dino thanks as always for the great work. I was able to take her for a flight a couple of days ago. I did notice that there is some text overlap on the left DDI at the top left corner. As I recall, it appeared after a VOR was tuned.

Glider said...

I love your work! I just downloaded the T-45C v2.57. I cannot now find the fuel page on the MFD?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful add-on. I am currently flying the T-45C for training and can provide input if you want or need it. My only significant complaint - having no needle on the HSI for VOR. I need to know what radial I am on, especially for arcing. Also, the "PLAN" view on the HSI instead of only the CDI view would be a plus. These additions would make the airplane fully functional for domestic IFR training on FSX. Thank you for your great work.