Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Projects updates

A very quick update on the status of the various projects I am working on...
As you know, it is extremely difficult for me to find the time to work so many projects, which are getting more and more complex and time consuming.
At the moment all the new projects (S-3 and MB.326) are being developed as freeware - but given the effort needed for those projects I cannot rule out a switch to payware. For the moment it is just an option... but it is being evaluated seriously.

Lockeed S-3B Viking
At the moment, this is the highest priority and I am (slowly) working on the Virtual Cockpit geometry and textures. The preliminary work was not completely satisfactory, so I have restarted it from scratch. It will take a couple of months before it is complete... so a Beta version may be released around Easter, hopefully.
An almost complete AI Tanker version is also in the works, and I am considering to release it separately.

Boeing T-45C Goshawk
I am working on few small improvements and I have made some minor tweaks to the Virtual Cockpit... no high priority changes at the moment.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
I am still collecting feedback from the latest build, although, apparently, there are no major issues that need immediate action. There are few unrleased enhancements I'd like to share with you and I will do that as soon as possible.

Grumman F-14D TomcatAlso for the big cat I have been collecting feedback from the latest build - which is far from being perfect but, at least, seems free from major problems. Once I have reached a "critical mass" of fixes/improvements I will release a further update.

Aermacchi MB.326
After some preliminary (and quite promising) work, driven by the enthusiasm of flying on the real thing, I have put this project on hold in order to try to complete the Viking.

As usual, suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I think your work is of a standard ranking right at the top of the payware developers, it really is time to extract a little value from us fans of your awesome aircraft , I for one, will willingly click my mouse on my paypal account in return for the brilliant freeware you've generously put out there for so long ! Thanks you thank you for adding such value to our favourite hobby !

Greg said...

Yup ... me too. Start attaching a price tag for your finished work and hopefully you will reap some benefits from all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

he did, the F-35 was payware for ages, but that was purely to cover development costs.

personally, i think it's great dino's not charging as it makes amazing quality aircraft available to those who cannot afford payware aircraft

Thomas L. said...

I bought the F-35 long time ago on Simflight, and flown the MB339 from cloud9 with the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali Team around eight years.

And nice to have the Aermacchi MB.326 and what about the MB.339 I ask you long time ago.

Ore is the MB.339 grounded ?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Well, getting a profit from a niche hobby like FSX is difficult, and, if you take in account properly the cost of "workmanship" you are extremely lucky if you break even.
There are several issues - including taxes, but with a higher budget I could do better jobs in a more efficient way.

Aermacchi MB.339 project is, theoretically, still open...but I am not completely convinced about the quality.
The fact I had a flight on a MB.326 for real is the major driver to do that instead of a 339...and then, there are other ideas which is way to early to disclose...

Bram Bruning said...

Wow great project man! Regards from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...


Any chance of getting a layered paint kit for the Viking?

Or a white one with all the panel lines and other details


Guy said...

Ciao Dino,
Sono un fan dei vostri successi negli ultimi anni, trovo grandi risultati ogni volta. Vi ringrazio mille volte per darci il beneficio del tuo talento.
Ho scaricato un paio di settimane fa, la F35 alleggerimento II. Ho incontrato un piccolo problema con l'HMD. l'HMD appare in permanece con il cerchio, non appena si lascia il centro del HUD, e non ho modo di farlo scomparire, i tasti 5 (HMDS Control) solo lavori non e Shif tasto 2 mi dà il pannello Radion 2D. Si tratta di un bug o lo fa solo la mia installazione?
Grazie per darmi dettagli.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Buongiorno Guy,

This the intended design of the HMD system.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


I will first complete the model and painting in in a plain grey livery... and then we'll see.

Thomas L. said...

I don't know what your CCIP calculating to have 200 feet offset where the CCIP pointed.On screen is this around 1 to 1,5 cm this is a large deviation on the HUD. Later when i have time i make a video. With the A-10 under CCIP i god a 99,9% hit rate always. I study the original manual CNATRA P-1209 and follow the rules but with out succes. Realy don't know why.
Her my A-10 Video with a hit rate 99,9% in China Lake


I try to asking Tackpack what can couse this anomali.

a good test pilot is always in training

Anonymous said...

Still open for suggestions?

1.Marchetti S.211
(I know it's almost like your Goshawk except for the midwing but still..)

(we lack for some decent ruski planes)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Dino!

Any future T-45 update to contain a VOR needle on the HSI? Hard to do instrument work with just a CDi and no radial info. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ok disregard those requests I made. It wasn't immediately apparent to me that all your models are carrier based.

Anonymous said...

Ok I think I got it right this time

C-2 Greyhound
E-2 Hawkeye
ES-3 Shadow