Sunday, January 5, 2014

F-14D Tomcat version 2.20 release

Apparently, the Beta version did not have major problems - so I just tweaked a couple of things (further tweaks to roll rate - now there should be a significant difference in roll rate depending on Mach number, and some tweaks to the main Rio display, including the addition of a declutter button). The complete list of changes is as follows:
January 4th, 2013

- Completely new MFD system, much closer to NATOPS interface and graphics: realism and functions of the individual pages may vary (some pages are fully compliant to NATOPS, others are gimmick or guess work)
- Integrated Autopilot functions into the HSD page for gameplay purposes.
- SMS page now reflects Tacpack weapons, while ECM page provides Tacpack RWR functionalities
- Slight improvement pilot downward visibility
- Redone glass effects for P3Dv2 compatibility
- Replaced HSI gauge with modeled one: thin needle should now point to VOR location, thick needle should point to NDB station or VRS Tacan.
- Redone afterburner special effects (now modeled) for P3Dv2 compatibility
- Redone transonic special effects (now modeled) for P3Dv2 compatibility
- Replaced pilot figures with professional-level models
- Fixed bug preventing the Fuel indicator to display the correct fuel quantity (both Rio and Pilot cockpits) - note numbers and "column" position may differ a little: the numbers display the actual value
- Fixed minor bug in ADI indications.
- Increased drag at transonic speeds
- Lowered tolerance on airframe stress - it is now much easier to overstress the aircraft
- Minor tweaks to flight dynamics
- Miscellaneous improvements in cockpit graphics
- Added Declutter function to NAV screen on Rio PTID

You can download the new version by clicking HERE.


Victory103 said...

Dino, didn't get a chance to test 2.20beta, what's the best way to report bugs/findings?

Also using "D" NATOPS manual, new MFD's are spot on!

Unknown said...

A comment here is fine, or you can send me a an email or a message on facebook.

JRSchiphol said...

I am getting a black VC in P3D v2! Help!

Unknown said...


This definitely should not happen, provided it is not a bug in P3Dv2.

Make sure you have installed the files properly - and remember that P3Dv2 builds the shaders on the fly: the very first time you load a new plane, it make take a minute or two to build them.

Anonymous said...

Best flames out there! No one have so realistic flames! thanks!

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to see your F-14D as part of the DSC/lockon third party modules :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino! I am enjoying your F-14D very much! One of the most detailed and accurate planes I've seen so far! Thank you for all your hard work and effort!
I just want to point out one tiny thing I found in the VC. The clock at the RIO seat overlaps a bit to the radar monitor. It is not that major but just for aesthetics.
Other than that, it flies perfectly like a dream! Looking forward to the next update!

Anonymous said...

how do you download the f14

Stefan said...

the F14 has become fantastic. Unfortunately, I find no possibility to input Tacan frequencies. The switch on the left side of the radio is without funtkion. Also, the ILS does not seem to be working. Neither on the HUD still on the ADI or displays. My version is 2.2

What did I do wrong?

Maverick said...

Hi Dino! I was using the F14-D in FSX Acceleration/Steam and working fine. Nevertheless when I tried to use them with carrier operation mission (these designed for your models) the system displayed a message not finding the F14-D. Any suggestions/comments? Thanks