Tuesday, January 14, 2014

F-35 Lightning II version 2.36 release

Due to a severe bug that hampered the MFD usability, the release has been updated to version 2.38... see below.
NOTE: as usual, just after the release of version 2.35 I have noticed a small glitch in the F-35C visual model (shadowing error of the right flap...) this has been fixed and files are now promoted to version 2.36 - if you have downloaded the files before the fix, you may need to download them again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Here is yet another update to the F-35, which will hopefully get rid of the (very few) visual incompatibilities with P3Dv2 (which were mostly in the visual effects rendering and shadowing areas). There are some fixes for FSX users, too and I also took the chance to update the Tacpack functionalities a bit.

The full change log is as follows:


Version 2.38
January 15th 2013
- Fixed major bug which prevented MFD operation under certain acceleration conditions
- Added control to deactivate HMD off-boresight indications (SHIFT+CONTROL+H)
- Implemented proper Off-boresight logic: if the target exceeeds the 1.5° circle, AIM-9X unlocks and seeker is reset to HMD center.

Version 2.36
January 14th 2013
- Fixed shadowing glitch on the left flap of the F-35C model.

Version 2.35
January 14th 2013
- Changed pilot figure with a much more detailed model and removed pilot animation.
- Changed afteburner effect with modeled rendering for P3Dv2 compatibiliy.
- Changed transonic effect with modeled rendering for P3Dv2 compatibility.
- Removed sound barrier sound effect (adopted pilot's perspective - no sound is heard by the pilot)
- Removed high Gs and high AoA effect (they did not render properly in P3Dv2)
- Improved responsiveness of autopilot gains
- Fixed minor glitch in MFD>ENG page
- Slight visual improvement in MFD>HUD page
- Solved (partially) shadowing glitches in F-35C model when used in P3Dv2
-TACPACK ONLY: Added support for Off-boresight launch. Note: actual seeker is limited to +/-70° deg AZ/EL.
 NOTE: Seeker will not detect targets outside that range.
-TACPACK ONLY: Support for Pre-planned target. Selecting PP as A/S target, the current waypoint (if any) is designated as target.
 NOTE: Upon reaching the waypoint, the next waypoint is automatically designated...better be quick when releasing the weapons.
-TACPACK ONLY: Support for Tacpack generated Tacans (boat and tanker).
 NOTE: ILS for the boat will be tuned automatically if Tacan frequency is entered.
-TACPACK ONLY: Added support fro proper, Tacpack driven, Head Mounted Display. Gimmick HMD removed from non-Tacpack installation.

Some additional comments:
- Installing the files into Prepar3d V2 will not change the default F-35. You can safely upgrade the visual model (only) by copy/paste ONLY the Texture and Model subfolders of the F-35A from the full package to the default F35A (no "minus" sign) folder. Better not touch the other files.

- For gameplay design reasons, in order not to loose the seeker lock for off-boresight mode, please note that the AIM-9X seeker will always continue to follow the most intense IR source acquired, even if the target exits from the 1.5 degrees circle, uless a UNDESIGNATE command is given, or lock is lost for other reasons.
You can download the update by the side bar, or by clicking HERE.


Dino Cattaneo said...

I have just spotted a last minute glitch in the F-35C model. I am replacing the files as I write - files will not be avalable for dowload for a little...

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Files have been updated to version 2.36 and are now back online.

Varun Krishnaswami said...

Will you be adding the High G and High AOA effects again?? Also will you please also add the sound barrier sound for the external mode and not for internal.

Marco Schueller said...

I can´t see the "B" and "C" model in Prepar3d v2.
I have only copied the Folders into Prepar3d. Is there more to do?

Dino Cattaneo said...


I am not adding the effects until I am satisfied by their look.
As for the sound, I prefer to leave that out.


You are probably doing something wrong...as per the manual you need to copy/paste the Effects and SimObjects folder into the P3Dv2 main folder and that is it...

PeteH said...

Hi Dino,

Great work, I love the TacPack HMD!

Unfortunately, I do have a few problems to report:

1) I am not able to click anything at all in the VC – even when I mouseover any clickable object my cursor icon does not change, so it is not even being recognised as a clickable object. I suspect this may be something to do with the HMD – maybe it is “masking” the clickable objects?

2) The box that the HMD draws around targets (both air and ground) is displaced slightly from where those objects actually are.

3) Whenever I am down to my last two weapons (whatever those weapons may be), when I release the second-to-last weapon, both of my final weapons are released simultaneously. At the same time, the weapon bay doors briefly open and close again, even if there is no need for them to do so (as the weapons are being released from underwing pylons). This also happened in your previous (October) F-35 release, but it still persists in this release too.

4) I am unable to adjust my hover speed using Crtl-4/Ctrl-6. This bug was also present in your previous version, too.

PC specs: Win 7 64 bit, Intel i5 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB Nvidia GPU.

FSX specs: FSX: Deluxe edition, VRS TacPack v1.4.1.4, FSUPIC, EZCA, AccuFeel v2.

Dino Cattaneo said...


1) There is a bug in version 2.36 which prevents clickable areas from being detected in certain acceleration conditions. This was high priority and has been solved.

2) 3) 4) Thanks for reporting those, will keep them in mind for future releases.

Mat said...

Hi Dino,
Congratulations for the beast, she's great !!
Perhaps I'm wrong but I have detected an issue with the afturburner on the f35B model.
On stovl configuration (first level) if you push the throttle, we can see the flame of the afturburner !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino
I also had trouble in 2.38 trying to click the "dump" button, I don't know of other areas that cannot be clicked, I am starting right now exploring the F35. I solved this issue by shutting down EZCA, which seems to be the cause. Without EZCA everything is OK.
Great piece of software!!

Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

This is the best freeware I've ever tried! Well done. I am ex RAF/RAAF training officer and we could have used this to famil young pilots to glass cockpits when they first came out. Such different Situational Awareness!

Anyway, I've found a bug for you:
Config File Not Found:

Using Default:

Have uninstalled. Downloaded a fresh copy and re-installed but still error pops up everytime you use the aircraft.

My email is domchan152@hotmail.com if you can write directly?

Good luck with the designing. One of the best websites for sim I've come across!

Dom :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Dino. Can you remove my entry from this thread? Just so email address is deleted.