Wednesday, January 15, 2014

F-35 Lightning II version 2.38 release

Yet another major bug that required an immediate fix... in version 2.36, high longitudinal acceleration made it so that the some invisible geometry required for the new HMD system made it impossible to use the MFD system (or any other mouse area)... so here we go with version 2.38.
I took the chance to implement two tweaks:
- it is now possible to disable the off-boresight graphics of the HMD by pressing Control+Shift+H (same control as the Superbug... but in this case it is ON by default)

- better, and more realistic, off-boresight logic: if IR source seen by the seeker escapes the 1.5° "search circle", lock is lost and seeker is commanded to return to the center of the HMD sight. Note that with the latest Tacpack version, the seeker position is limited by the gimbal (70° cone for the AIM-9X).

And so it is 3 versions in 2 days...what a mess! Sorry for the inconvenience!!! Change log as follows:

Version 2.38
January 15th 2013
- Fixed major bug which prevented MFD operation under certain acceleration conditions
- Added control to deactivate HMD off-boresight indications (SHIFT+CONTROL+H)
- Implemented proper Off-boresight logic: if the target exceeeds the 1.5° circle, AIM-9X unlocks and seeker is reset to HMD center.

You can download the file from the sidebar or by clicking HERE

Aside, some of the improvements have been sent to Lockheed Martin to update the default F-35A included in P3Dv2 - they are working for version 2.05 which will fix many of the issues of the base release.


Thisdale said...

Your .CLICK HERE. link points to the Tomcat mate.

But thanks for the awesome update again!


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

...fixed, thanks!

Mertyeldan said...

Hi, I installed the file but did not work in VTOL mode. How about if you could help I'll run

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you fix the hold altitude problem? I love this plane soooo much, but i cannot fly it without alt hold.

Please let us know whats going on with it?

And also, how come f35 doesnt have auto approach option? From my understanding real f35 can use auto approach with ils.

Your f35 has hold nav1 which holds the ils heading but not height.

Thanks alot, really love your work.

Yasick Zagaria said...

id also like to know where the auto approach option is? I read your manual and cannot find it anywhere, nor can i find anything online about it, only tutorials are vertical landing\take offs.


Anonymous said...

Why should you apologize? You give us great products as a matter of your passion for the hobby of flying and the sience of aerodynamics. It is we who should apologize to you for not being patient enough.... constantly wanting more of your products....

Dino Cattaneo said...


As for the STOVL mode, please note that V2.36 had an issue that prevented that to work in some cases... most important, however, is that the F-35A folder contains a /docs subfolder that contains a complete guide for STOVL operation. Three obvious things:

1) If you do not see the
copyright message upon loading ANY F-35, there is something wrong with the installation.

2) To hover, you must be within th 40,600 lbs weight limit (that is very little fuel!)

3) ...I hope it goes without saying that only the F-35B is STOVL capable.

Dino Cattaneo said...

@Anonymous (#1) and Yasick

The avionics in the current build do not support auto approach...and MANY other functions of the real deal, for that matter. Sorry for that.
The real F-35 has probably the most advanced avionics even seen in a military aicraft - and includes the highest level of automation... but, well, I had no time to do all of that!

Dino Cattaneo said...

@Anonymous #2

Well, yes... but I tend to dislike, as user, frequent updates. Apart from that, while most of the people nowadays have pretty fast connections, it may take time to download my files...
let alone the disappointment I feel when I try a long-awaited software and it does not work as I expected :-)

On the other hand, software (including FSX aicrafts) is getting so complex that is hard to get things done right...

Anyway thanks for the appreciation!

pitijm said...
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Varun Krishnaswami said...

Uh Dino, why have you removed the Pilot animation and the sound barrier effects on the F-35?? Those were great features on the plane.Can you add them back please?? Thanks

Alberto Rosales martinez said...

you will be ready when the s-3 viking, doing a tremendous aircraft, and good for you proxecto would make the f-18 Super hornet

Thomas L. said...

F-35 v. 2.38 Test Flight Weapons MK-82

To assign a target with [SHIFT]+[CTRL]+[V] in conflict with the Gun Trigger.{The assigne key is in VRS [ENTER]designation}
When a Gun Pod is installed and selected the Gun burst firing all bullet out.
At 30° dive angel as description in the CNATRA P-1209 (Rev. 07-09) the MK-83 missed the target ~500 feet to late.

After second release unguided ore guide weapons the SMS release two BOMBS few second spacing impact around 150 to 200 feet.<always

The fourth release went to the single mode.

Laser guide missed always the target not the JADAMS.

In the TackView i see the LASER continued LASING the target.

a good test pilot is always in training Thomas L.

I wrote few page about my test flight report F-35/F-14/t-45 but its PDF and not able to link it her.

Dino Cattaneo said...


pilot animations were removed as the new pilot figure is more difficult to animate.

Transonic effects have been removed because they were not as realistic as I hoped


S-3 is still in the works...hopefully I'll have something to share in spring.
Then, with VRS awesome SuperHornet around, I don't think we need another Superbug.


Thanks for your detailed data.

As for the key assignment, it was a design choice to have, for A/S target, a double control. ENTER should designate boresight target, while TRIGGER should designate the HMD view. This may be now redundant after proper HMD implementation.

Few comments:
- Gunpod may have problems in the F-35A (although it possible to install it). Should work fine with -B and -C
- Dumb bombs may be late if released from internal bays due to bay door opening time not being taken in account by CCIP computation (no easy solution for that...Tacpack provides CCIP projection)
- There is no difference in orndance release between single and multiple salvo...fact is in the current implementation the pickle is very sensitive...
- In the current implementation, laser is always on when a target is designated in A/S mode.
- You can send you report by email if you want to

In general, given the relatively small user base, there are no plans to add further Tacpack functionalities to the F-35, but having feedback is always handy as I keep on updating my projects from time to time.

Varun Krishnaswami said...

Is it possible to re-add the pilot animation. And maybe try and improve the transonic sound effects?? Like in the game Lock On Modern Air Combat, after you go supersonic, you will not hear the planes boom sound till the plane passes by. Can that be tried on this??

Thomas L. said...

With the version 2.36 in CCIP got a 99,9% hit rate. The rest coming soon with the PDF.

Varun Krishnaswami said...

Hey Dino, and by when will the S-3 be finished and released??

Jiri said...

"And maybe try and improve the transonic sound effects??"

Simulating the speed of sound would require FSX to support that in the first place. This is not about adding one sound effect and unfortunately it's not in Dino's power to do such thing. J.

Anonymous said...

here's a great photo of the F35B near doing a carrier landing.
feel free to click "Like" or "share" at the top!