Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old F-35A Withdrawn from sales... New version almost ready for testing!

As announced previously, the "old" version of the F-35 Lightning II has been withdrawn from sales on SimMarket. I'd like to thank all the customers, contributors and supporters - it was my first payware project and, for my goals, it has been a huge success.

I have no idea when the new one will be available, but the test version will surely be ready within February.
It is basically a graphically improved version of the previous one - so do not expect additional functionality. Well, actually some "visual treats" are being left out (like wheel chocks and "remove before flight" ribbons) in order to have a much better 3d detail and accuracy.
I am quite happy of the compromise between level of detail and performance at the moment - on my system it is slightly "heavier" (in terms of fps) than the previous model... but not that much. Fair trade, IMHO, if you consider how good the new mesh looks.
Cockpit will be almost the same as the previous version - just minor tweaks here and there. I am considering to remove the "full (half) screen" radar mode as it seems to have several bugs due to the way it is implemented. Removing it will help the perfomance a bit... I am not sure.
Flight model will not change.

I am also considering to add the F-35B and F-35C to the package.
If so, the F-35B will be uncapable of VTOL operations (will only support STOL slow-speed mode...I think it is called "mode 3" on the real thing but I may be wrong).
As for the F-35C... you may already have seen some pics in this blog. Latest build looks better...but the new F-35A has a higher priority being the "base" model.

In terms of pricing, it will depend on the features... for sure it will not be expensive and it will be close to the previous version. Few Euros/Dollars more if all three models are included... or a few less if it will have only the F-35A.
I will also try to apply discounts to the customers of the previous version - afterall most of the cockpit and the flight model are the same, and you have already paid for it... Let's see what I can do.


Ken said...

Hey Dino,
If you decide to make the F-35B, contact Rob Barengdt (Sp?) as he makes many different types of aircraft FDE behave like real STOVL aircraft in FS.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Hi Ken

Thanks for the suggestion - I am aware of Rob's work, but I am not sure to try to include that. The problem is that I am trying to limit the costs of this project (which is already quite high for being an hobby) and paying third party developers is difficult - also, Rob's RCS gauge needs FSUIPC.dll to work (which needs to be licensed, too)

ScimmiaSpaziale said...
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