Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year - and a small suprise!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great 2011 as I did, and I wish you all the best for 2012.
The new year will most likely bring the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator...which will make its ist public appearance in few weeks - I am anxious to see and know more of it, but what I saw so far, although not revolutionary, is quite good.

In the meantime, as I had some spare time during the holidays, I did some work on the F-35 - mainly due to the fact that new, low poly, 3d data for the F-35C was available and my project of the new high-fidelity F-35A was really nice to look at but way too low on performance.

So here is the F-35C....VERY preliminary shots. The ambitious project I'd like to pursue would be to have a new payware package including this F-35C and a new F-35A (designed to the same standard)....and, why not, and F-35B too. BUT it may be too much for me to handle... so I have not decided yet. Let's see.
Aside, my long term projects, the T-45C will be converted (provided that the conversion is doable) to Flight and remain freeware. While the new F-14D...I do not know. It is in a good shape...but I don't know when it will be ready. It may go straight to Flight... Let's see.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Boy... while I was writing the post above, Microsoft posted a major update on their website that does not sound good at all to me.

It seems that Microosft Flight wille be free to dowload and will ONLY include the island of Ohau (or whatever it is spelled) and few planes. If you want more planes or sceneries you will have to purchase them - which probably means a "closed" structure... How sad...

I will have to rethink my plans.

Jiri said...

Hi. Great to hear from you again, Dino.
That F-35C looks amazing, I really like C version.
And I think MS would be really stupid to "close" Flight that way. But we need to wait to hear some more news from MS, maybe they reveal something on CES (Jan 10-13).
Btw. one question to you Dino - Right now I'm redoing one old repaint for Goshawk that I made for myself few months ago and it looks quite good. Are you okay with me publishing that paint on usual addon sites? Thanks for your answer.

Happy new year to you too!


Anonymous said...

i hope in xp 10,and a new friendly interface.Another will be prepar3d v 2.0 dx 11 and price more less.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

You are welcome to publish repaints. Which livery is that? I generally do not like fictional repaints, but it is a question of personal taste.

Let's see...I understand Microsoft Decisions, and in the end it Flight could be a very interesting piece of entertainment software...but if they enforce strict rules to mods and add-ons then it may well kill developers like me.

Jiri said...

It's SD-201/165080 VX-23 Salty Dogs, the first T-45 to fly on biofuel.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Great! I wanted to do that but had no time - very well!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...
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Jiri said...

@Dino: I only need to correct some details and write a decent readme. I don't have much time now but I want to release it asap... maybe this weekend.
Btw. you should see this:
It seems that Flight will be really closed crap. But we'll see.

Jiri said...

@Dino: OK, so 201 should be online in next few hours on avsim, flightsim, simviation and ozx. I hope you like it. Regards, J.

Anonymous said...

Dino, there is another simulator

Anonymous said...

Grazie Dino per tutti i tuoi add-on sono fantastici! Ti auguro un buon 2012 e buona fortuna per l'F-35C

Ken said...

An F-35C, excellent!

BTW, Lockheed Martin bought the advanced version FSX (I forgot MS the name of it) and has been developing it and will be constantly upgrading it. It's called Prepar3d. You just have to get a "developers license" for $10 a month. Everyone who has it likes it, that I've seen. Orbx is developing scenery for it and REX is about to release their work for it as well.

SpazSinbad said...

Thanks Dino, Good news about your work on the F-35C. It will make a lot of NavAvers happy! :-) said...

hi dino , wow woderfull job , i wait so long time this c version , i buy on simmarket the f-35a first version , very nice plane but strange fligth model , but very nice plane , how do yo think you could give us the package ?

i wainting thank you for this wonderfull job