Thursday, January 19, 2012

First screenshot of the new F-35A

A quick update on the new version of the F-35A I've been working on in the past few months. It will be payware (on the cheap end of the spectrum) and will be developed for FSX and Prepar3d.
I will soon withdraw the current version from SimMarket.
I am considering building a full "JSF" experience, that is a package with F-35A, -B and -C...but the actual size of the project is still tbd. As you have seen a -C version is in the works, but -A has a higher priority for me (as it is the "base" version). I'd love making the -B and it should not take that much once the -A is ready...but it requires some money to acquire the mesh and I'd like to evaluate a little more the actual revenues, as I have already spent some money on this project...

Anyway, I'll soon post my thoughts on the outlook of flight simulation (and flight games in general...for those that are not willing to think to Flight as a sim). Let me just say that if Prepar3d 2.0 delivers 64bit code, DX11 and full FSX compatibility and a reasonable price for some sort of "home" licence that would be my preferred platform.


Orion said...

Looks nice! If you need a tester... ;)

FightingFalcon said...

Very nice! it look better then the first one!