Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New F-35A progress

A quick update to show you that the external model of the F-35A is 95% done. I just need to remake the ventral sensors area and redo the flaperon animation and it is done. Looks much better than the old one IHMO. Virtual cockpit, on the other hand, will be mostly recycled from the older version.
I will first have the F-35A ready for a Beta and then eventually proceed with F-35B and C.


Orion said...

Hi Dino,

How are you planning to lead the beta? Will it be a public beta (similar to the T-45), or will it be a private beta (similar to the first F-35)?


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Hi Orion

The new F-35 will be payware (I would prefer to release it as freeware, but acquiring the 3d meshed is quite expensive and I cannot afford to give it for free) - and also it contains parts that cannot be released as freeware. Hence there will not be a public beta, but a limited private one.
Hopefully, as the flight model and most of the cockpit are reused from the previous model, the bugs should be confined to the external 3D model(s)... at least for the A version...

FightingFalcon said...

Whoa very nice! I should do a Sukhoi T-50 Pak Fa as the next project.