Monday, March 2, 2009

F-14D Outer model complete!

Finally I've found the time to complete the external model of the F-14D Tomcat. A preliminary flight model is also complete, and, using the Acceleration Hornet 2D HUD panel the whole thing is "playable". Early warning: it is a heavy-polygonal model. The complied .mdl is 10Mbytes (for comparison, Acceleration Hornet is about 4Mbytes, while my Goshawk is 4.7Mbytes). This is having a performance impact on my machine (by the way I've recently upgraded the video card and bought a X295). There is definitely some chance for optimization... Anyway, here are some pictures (comments welcome):

Full a/b climb... I'm not really happy about the current a/b effect, but they are OK for now... Should anyone have a proper effect to offer, please contact me.

Needless to say, the model has high-res photoreal textures, bump mapping, self shadowing and reflections. The default paint scheme will be the lo-vis bird of the "Tomcat Final Flight" event, VF-31 F-14D AJ107 (BuNo 164902), NAS Oceana, Sept. 2006 (with some minor artistic licence)

Of course, the model features full moving parts. The crew access ladder is animated (linked to "door_1" variable), the refuel probe can be extended ("door_2"), the nose can be tilted-up to show the Hughes APG-71 antenna ("door_4") and the wings can be "overswept" for onboard storage.

It is likely that I will make the current model available upon request for repainters or early testers in a week or so. Still some rules and restrictions will apply.

Hopefully the interior model will not take more than 3-4 weeks. My target is to provide the same quality level of the T-45C cockpit, but it is likely that the initial release will have limited functionality. And, before I get several emails complaining about the loadouts, yes I know that the Tomcat cannot land on a carrier with four 2000lbs JDAMs. Still, I think it looks cool... ;-)

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Vigilius said...

WOW! Incredible, very very nice 3D model; my best congratulations to you!