Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tomcat progress

A quick post to show you some progress of the Tomcat project. I think the external model is OK, finally. I've changed the burner effect again - the current one looks definitely much better and realistic and needs only some minor tweaking. By the way few repainters are working on alteranate/enhanced texture it is likely that the external model will look even better!

As for the VC, most of the front panel is done. It still needs a lot of work...but I think it is not bad. Some artistic licence here and there....but I think it looks reasonably realistic and useable.

Finally a satisfying burner effect - some minor tweaks are needed but looks ok!
This is the current status of the cockpit - the progress is slow but steady. It think it is approximately 50% complete.

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Vigilius said...

Very well Dino, I hope to hear some other news from you very soon; ciao!