Monday, March 16, 2009

T-45C Goshawk version 1.25 released

U.S.Marine Corps livery by Russell R. Smith now inlcuded in the package along with other repaints.

Several improvements in the cockpit. Some improvements in the geometry and the textures make the cockpit appear closer to the original. Also, few minor bugs are fixed now.

I am releasing another Goshawk update right now. I know that some of you may be getting bored with all these updates... especially the ones with a slow internet connection. Still, please understand it is much more convenient for me to release a full version rather than a update: it is simply a better way to catch the bugs, support the users if necessary and basically keep track of what is happening to your files. File name is T45CFSXE.ZIP, release at and you apprieciate the (small) improvements!

Visual model:
- Air intake geometry now blends into the fuselage more smoothly
- Added repaints by Russell R.Smith- Added configuration file for proper U.S.Navy font. As you may have noticed, the aircraft number in my Goshawk model is variable (i.e.the user can type his/her own number). However, the number will appear withstock fonts. Should you have the "Long BeachUSN" font type installed, delete the aircraft.cfg andrename the aircraft_properfont.cfg to aircraft.cfg.

Interior model:
- Revised some of the cockpit geometry (which looked slightly too "bulky")
- Desaturated / darkened / sharpened some textures.
- Fixed NAV1 KHz tuning bug (it was impossible to activate the KHz knob)- Added Autopilot heading course select (via the HUD keypad + / - buttons); I know this is not the way it is supposed to work...but at least the function is there.
- Fixed "CLIMB/DIVE" words in the ADI (were mirrored)- Reduced photoreal texture warp on right side console
- Minor optimizations
Flight model:
- Tuning to the gear contact points (provided by Richard Wisman). While the aircraft sits slightly higher than it should, now the problem of the nose "sinking" into the deck while landing on a carrier is almost gone.
- Minor tunings to yaw
Have fun!

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Vigilius said...

Good work I download it immediately ;-)