Monday, February 16, 2009

T-45C Goshawk 1.20 released

T-45C Goshawk version 1.20 - this picture shows the "approach light" (on the nose landing gear) which is now working. An orange light means "on-speed", while green is "too slow" and red is "too fast". AoA indexer in the cokpit is also working now.

I am releasing another updated version of the Goshawk right now. Filename is and it is about 21Mb, released at and

No major changes in this release - but some are very important for more realistic carrier operations. The Aoa indexer is now working properly (I have to confess I was not using it - and therefore I did not realize there was a major mistake in its implementation). The approach lights are working (as shown in the picture above). I know they are not completely accurate (it works basically as an AoA indexer repeater - while I'm told in the real thing only one color is visible at a time). The major graphic change is the fuselage geometry - the air intakes blend smoothly into the the main fuselage now, which is more correct.

Also, I've made some fine tuning to the flight controls (as per users' feedback) and added orange formation lights at the wingtip.

Last, but not least, I've attached a 6Mb .pdf document by Phil Thompson (that is also the man who pointed out the Aoa indexer issue). This document contains a lot of very interesting information about the Goshawk and carrier operations in general. I strongly suggest you read it.
Hope you'll enjoy it. Now I am moving fully to the Tomcat...well,unless this Goshawk release contains a catastrophic error ;-)

Here is the complete list of changes (please note that you need to move the .fx files manually to your FSX Effects folder to get the new light work properly):

Visual model:- The fuselage geometry is now more accurate with respect to the real plane. - Approach light now working (as AoA indexer repeater)*- wingtip formation lights now working (mapped to "wing lights switch")*
* NOTE: To enable these features, you must copy the fx_navorange_t45.fx file in your FSX "Effects" folder. The file is included in this .zip in the Effects subfolder. Also, some lights seem not work correctly with DX10 preview mode.

Interior model:- Reworked AoA indexer (thanks to Phil Thompson)- Reworked Rearview mirrors reflections

Flight model:- tuned various control effectiveness parameters

Documentation:- Added a 6Mb .pdf document by Phil Thompson containing a lot of interesting informations about carrier operations.


SpazSinbad said...

Dino, Many thanks for the swift update. Your Goshawk is an excellent aircraft to learn how to use the AoA (Angle of Attack) Indexer for safe carrier landings. It is a nice lead in to the Accelerator Hornet and I'm guessing to your future F-14 Tomcat? :-) And thanks again for your splendid work on the Goshawk.

SpazSinbad said...

The download for v 1.20 Goshawk has a subset at 6Mb of this larger PDF of 31Mb (about how to deck land particularly with the material about the Goshawk) at FileFront (SpazSinbad):

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