Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I have identified a small bug in v3.20 so that the right MFD was not completely functional. Also, power up sequence of the MFD restored to left first, right second. Patch files updated to v3.21

As some of you are aware of, some months ago I lost all the source files of my flight simulation projects - this makes very difficult for me to update them as frequently as I would like to - but still I am doing my best in order to fix as many bugs as possible, and increase the overall quality of my projects.

Specifically, for the F-35 I am (slowly) rebuilding the cockpit models  - so that I can make some significant improvements to the VC enviroment. I have no firm schedule for this, as the Eurofighter Project has the priority. Still, I am not abandoning the F-35 and here is another update to the avionics.

As for the previous avionics updates, this is for P3D only. I will try to find the time to apply some of these changes to the FSX version too - although it is not officially supported as you know.


Version 3.21
- Fixed bug in version 3.20 which prevented the right MFD to work as intended
- Restores MFD power up sequence: left first, right second.
- Fixed minor bug in the MFD Power up sequence

Version 3.20 (from version 3.16)
- Fixed a bug in all previous version that made it so that Air-to-air track no.3 was rendered in a wrong position on the radar screen
- As reported by user Ariel, changed the power up order of the MFD screens. Now the RIGHT MFD will power up first (on Battery power only) and the LEFT MFD will power up second (on generator power).
- Changed ENG page so that FF, HYD1 and HYD2 are reported as digits rather than "bars" - this should be the same as real life (reported by user Ariel)
- Changed FUEL page so that fuel quantities in tanks are reported in pounds rather than in gallons - again this should be the way it works in real life (reported by user Ariel)

Other changes already present in version 3.16 (with comparison to version 3.11)
- Fixed minor bug in FCS code
- Solved minor graphic flaw when the Function Access Buttons are SWAPped
- Restored "virtual speed brakes" indication in FCS page
- Implemented FAB-fuel function - fuel quantity, is now reported as magenta bars in the FAB section, Joker and Bingo are reported as white lines.
- Fixed position of transfer pumps in the FUEL page
- IPP switch now also drives engine starter (in reality, the switch has three positions: OFF-AUTO-START and should be spring loaded to the AUTO, in the sim it is just OFF or START)
- Left half of the MFD works on battery power only, Right half does not (as in reality) - when the generator is not working, the right MFD will turn off
- Increased startup time for both halves of the MFD to 15 seconds (as in reality)
- TFLIR and DAS now require generator power to run
- A/S and Tacpack radars will not work unless engine is running

You can download the update from Google Drive from the side bar on this blog or by clicking HERE.
The patch must be manually installed - to do so, simply drag and drop the folders in the zip file(namely F-35_MFD, FCS an Tactical) into the F-35A\panel folder.
Note that this must be done only in the F-35A folder BUT will affect also the -B and -C variants: the avionic code is aliased from the -A version for all the variants.


Unknown said...

How about a Jetstream 41??

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

...as I said several times, my schedule is full for the whole 2017. Sorry.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


for the record - I was notified that the new power-up sequence of the MFD is incorrect. Apparently it was correct the first time around (left MFD powers with battery) - I am verifying my sources and eventually roll-back that change.

Unknown said...

oh so.. take a long time project in progress??

Unknown said...

8 to 12 months of work are usually required for a good quality aircraft

lynchsl62 said...

Great news about the Typhoon still being in progress. Is there any update as to how far the Typhoon is progressed

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

I hope this finds you well. I have another question for you. I bought the f-35 compatability patch. when i put it in FSX it removes the f 35A and B model is that suppose to happen? My guess is I'm doing something wrong. How do I fix this issue? Or is that the way its suppose to be. Thanks for you time.

Carss said...

I have one question, is it possible for you to make maybe a couple of these planes for DCS as strictly AI only? Like the S-3 Viking in DCS is really old and poorly animated, plus it's highly pixelated too. Is it possible and ok for you to integrate your S-3 Viking model in DCS (with ED's consent and help of course) as an AI for ground attacks, reconnaissance and mid air refueling?

Skinny23 said...

Hey Dino,

Please let me know if this is user error, but the moment I load fuel into the externals in flight (AAR) they drop off, is this a known bug? also the transfer rate is very slow. i have no real world experience to back this up.. i will try and test it out to find a rate.. keep up the work!

Sim: P3D F35 Payware

Unknown said...

I am quite new to the F-35 and am unclear as to how to activate the virtual speed brakes. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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