Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Boeing T-45C Goshawk version 2.75

I know that I have announced that version 2.70 would have been the final T-45C release, but during the development of the MB.326 I spotted some very minor defects, which were easy to fix so here we are with version 2.75. Given that the changes are very small, this release will only be available from this blog at the moment. Changes are as follows:

- Fixed onboard clock animation (hours needle did not work)
- Improved graphics and animation of altimeter (sharper digit graphics and more accurate animation)
- Extended support for non-Tacpack carriers (from VLSO website):
When in cockpit tune to the relevant ILS frequency or TACAN channels as follows:
111.00 (47X) - CVN68 Nimitz (Acceleration)
112.00 (57X) - CVN68 Nimitz (Javier's)
114.00 (87X) - CVN65 Enterprise
112.10 (58X) - CV63 Kitty Hawk
113.10 (78X) - R09 Ark Royal

In addition, backup files for the "standard cockpit" (i.e. without reflective mirrors in P3D) are now included in the Optional Features folder. Download from the side bar as usual.

Note that I still have plans to upgrade my whole fleet, but the MB.326 has the highest priority - and by the way, the MB.326Beta will be withdrawn from download in 24 hours.


David said...

Thanks dont know how you find the time. Lovng the 336.

Unknown said...

Thank you ! For sure the 326 will be as perfect as the Goshawk!!!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks for the appreciation.
Updates to the F-14, S-3 and F-35 are in the works.
The MB.326 version 1.0 should be ready before the end of the month.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Truth be told, I didn't expect such a quick update... As a matter of fact, I didn't expect any more updates for this bird from you, sir. Thank you very much for this!

I'll also keep testing your MB.326 in my free time and report if I find any other bugs.

I don't know how you manage to find the time for so much stuff, but a huge thank you for your efforts once again, Mr. Cattaneo!

Best Regards,
Growing Pains

David said...

Hi Dino,

Dont know what you did but HUD seems a lot brighter. Much better than before. But than it may have being something at my end,

Tnahms again

Anonymous said...

Hello again, sir.

I would like to report one final bug if you don't mind.

The standby turn & slip indicator in the Goshawk seems to be working in the opposite direction just like the MB.326. The digital ADI of the Goshawk seems to work just fine, though.

This problem also seems to be present in the S-3B Viking's ADI, too.

I'm not totally sure, but I think the analogue ADI in your F-14 seems unaffacted by this issue somehow.

As for the F-35, the rudder seems always centered regardless of the turn you make, so I can't really comment.

I know you said there would be no further updates to the Goshawk, so I can understand if you choose not to fix this bug. However, if you fix it, I will be more than happy since Goshawk is almost perfect now and this is possibly the only remaining glaring bug.

Sorry if I am bothering you too much with my bug reports Mr. Cattaneo.

Have a nice day,
Growing Pains

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

I'll have a look at the turn coordinator.

The only problem I have with further updates to any of my project is the time required - just packaging the files, uploading them and updating the blog requires a few hours in the best case...



Unknown said...

Personally, when a product is Freeware, I consider it a good addon when it's without
big flaws. I mean :
1 - good external model/VC
2 - no FPS killing machine
3 - fully operative radio navigation systems
4 - good flight model
5 - at least the basic checklists available.
I use flight simulation both for fun and to keep some instrumental capabilities for real world flight.
This is only my personal opinion and I appreciate all the addons of Mr. Dino.

David said...

Hi Dino, have you used the T45 with the Kittyhawk. I find it disconnects from the cat when you throttle up. Have put a post on Aerosft site. The razbam buckeye does same thing. T45 is a dream to trap. Thanks heaps.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the time you put into this.

She's a real beauty and a blast to fly.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the update Dino!

However, I've noticed some issues.
The on speed AOA (Amber donut) shows 7 units of AoA. Shouldn't it show 17? The Fuel Flow shown in the MFD does not coincide with the
round dial gauge.

Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

Great plane supported by all the carriers.
Question: Is there a way to enter the TACAN frequency (say 58X for Kitty Hawk) directly on the num pad, without going through entering the ILS (112.10)?
Thank you,


Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

I've been enjoying your T45 since a year or so and still find it amazing! Just like your other freeware. I've read there is no paintkit available, but do you have a white version so I can paint the plane a bit easier?

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dino,

Might be a stupid question, but when tuning a VOR equivalent frequency for a TACAN station (such as 111.9 for CH 56 at KNMM) how do you get the TACAN needle to show up on the HSI? Any way to bring the needle up for instrument practice?