Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Aermacchi MB.326 version 1.00

After more than one year of work, here is the Aermacchi MB.326 version 1.00 release. This is a very special model for me, as I had the unique chance to fly on the only MB.326 in flight conditions in Europe - that was my first (and hopefully not last) ride in a military jet... and needless to say it was awesome, and I completely fell in love with this aicraft.
First thing I'd like to thank Alessandro Barbarini who created the fantastic external textures I am sure you will enjoy. They look awesome, and raised the quality bar significantly.
Also, I'd like to thank Roy Holmes, for a very realistic flight model, and Mario Motta for his modules, which bring payload configuration capabilities and VACMI support, and flight testing (Mario has hundreds of flying hours in the real Macchino). Also, a big thank you to Serge Luzin who provided a great sound package, based on real world recordings (in cockpit sounds come straight from the recordings of my own flight).

The model supports BOTH Sim Skunk Works vACMI and Vertical Reality Simulation Tacpack weapon packages. By default, it is set to support vACMI - please see the documentation on how to enable Tacpack of you use the latter.

I had no time to squash all the bugs, and I am sure more will pop-up after a the release... still it should be OK as is for the vast majority of the users.
It is a "control+e" model, meaning it is not meant to provide a 100% exact simulation of the real aicraft... but you should be able to start it "cold and dark" and use it as a basic military trainer. Actually our target was to create a realistic and complete freeware rendition of this fantastic light jet... we are happy with the result, and we hope you will be too.

Have fun!
...and yes, the download link is in the side bar, as usual!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work, thank you :)

Mariop said...

Eccezionale come al solito.Grazie.

Jiri said...

Hello Dino.

Although I have abandoned the FS completely now, I'm really glad you're still releasing more and more awesome addons and I hope it'll stay that way for years to come. What a lovely bird!

BR, Jiri.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Im going to download this fine bird tonight! I still got the beta package. But will download and install tonight if possible. Thank you so much to the developers. One of the fine trainers this country of ours ever had!

Bruno Ferrari said...

After the first and short flight ( Venegono-Venegono via Saronno VOR) I can say : Almost perfect and payware quality addon! Thank you Dino! !!

Vigilius said...

Sei un mago Dino: a me gira su FSX STEAM EDITION su un PC vecchio di 7 anni e mezzo e gira pure bene!

Shadow said...

Just tried it out in FSX with Fallon NAS.

Beautiful in every respect.

Amazing work.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino
This is really a wonderful bird, its just fluent and very very nice to fly and it looks very beautifully.
Thanks for your passion, absolutly great!!!
Greatings from switzerland

Bruno Ferrari said...

I've found the best flight behaviour ( I mean the more fluid ) putting all the flight realism sliders to the left side leaving only about 10% of value. I don't know if there's some note in the manual speaking about realism settings ( may be I've missed it ) but flying the 326 with full sliders to the right is not very nice ( the fluidity disappears ). I've tested it with two different joysticks so I exclude hardware issues. The same is for the Goshawk . May be this observation is useful to fully appreciate this aircraft.( o magari ho scoperto l'acqua calda!!!...) ciao Dino e grazie

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino, one note. The files mb_326_check.html and mb_326_ref.html refer to the T-45 and not the 326.
And a little question: is there the possibility to remove the HUD?

Thank you.


Lee Gatty said...

Anyone know why I can't get this aircraft to show up in FSX aircraft selection menu? I haven't had any problems with any of Dino's other aircraft.