Saturday, November 8, 2014

Projects update and future plans...


Time for a quick update on my various projects... lately my job kept me extremely busy, so I had very little time for flight simulation, and the progress on mt designs have been very slow. Still most of them are in good shape, and, while slow, the progress is steady.

Aermacchi MB.326
If you follow my facebook page, you should know that the two seater version is almost finished. Basically the only missing thing is the weapons functionality, which should not be too long to implement. I believe we could have a complete beta by the end of November, and a release before (or around) Chirstmas.

Eurofighter Typhoon
Airframe modeling in progress...30% done

Lockheed S-3B VikingViking fans, don't worry. I have collected feedback from the initial release, and I have already implemented some of them. I'll release an update as soon as I can find the time.

Grumman F-14D Grumman
Much like I did for the Goshawk, I would like to "close" this project for a "final" release. This would ideally include all the improvements applied to the Goshawk - including better graphics for some instruments and better glass reflections. Again, the problem here is to find the time.

Lockheed-Martin F-35 Lightning II
...same mantra here. I have a bunch of improvements in the works, but could not find the time to release them. Following the recent successful sea-trials of the F-35C this project is getting some more attention, so I should be

Boeing T-45C GoshawkThis project is closed and over... but still there are few very minor things I would like to a further update is not ruled out completely. is the situation. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Anonymous said...

I guess we figured you where busy, you have given us so much. works a bit like that, not long go we where twiddling our thumbs now we dont have time to scratch ourselves. Im sure we would rather you take your time. Again thanks from a lot of happy users.

Rod said...

Thanks for all your hard work Dino.

Anonymous said...

Will the 339 be released with the 326?
Thank for your wonderfull work


Anonymous said...

dino thanks for all your mod

and by the way there are some doors on f-35 that didn't open aligned with the other side, there are:
1. lower fan doors (b type)
2. main engine upper doors (b type)
3. inner bay doors (a,b,c tyipe)
4. outer bay doors (b type)
5. small doors in outer bay doors (a,& c type)
6. nozzle doors (b type)
see this picture for example

and there is some things that you should know about the STOVL behavior on the B type:
1. in VTOL mode the horizontal stabilizer should lock at 35 degree down and no more movement when the stick tilted to any direction
2. when STOL mode activated on the ground and 0% on thrust control the nozzle should tilt down just 5 degree angle
and when some thrust applied it tilt down 20 degree until the front wheel lift off, and also the horizontal stab should return to zero degree when thrusters applied, and full down 35 degree when lift off and came back to 5 degree as the speed increase , just like the main fan doors

look at this video for example
VTOL mode:

STOL mode:
video 1

video 2


Anonymous said...

Dino - Use the Flaps Function for your EFA Drag Chute. Since the Restauravia Mirage does the same and it is fully Compatible for Multiplayer. Where you can really see the others Chute on his Plane and not Yours! The EFA doesnt have Flaps, so ist free for this function!


Anonymous said...

About the EFA: Please use the same Diameter that Alphasim used for their FS-2004 Payware. All other made it too small. I mean TINY! About the Flaps use as Drag Chute = I am talking about the Chute Animation and the Drag of the Flaps Function without Lift.
So to say = The Flaps Animation is then the Drag Chute - With only 2 Positions = Open and Closed! Make the Close Function instantly. So you may not see the Drop of the Chute but also not the unrealistic retract that will ocure! Use the Slats Function as it is in real in the EFA if you can, althought I do not believe it is possible. I would give the AoA a scripted Model Slats Extension! If that would work?

Thank you Dino for having a good EFA in mind, for next year.


Arnold Bookheim Jr said...

This is my first video capture ever from FSX ... Your f-35c in the Tom Wilson Strike Test paint commemorating the Sea Trials earlier this month.

Thanks for all your great work. Anything you do is worth waiting for (and paying for if necessary).

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

as usual, thanks for your support and enthusiasm. Here are some miscellaneous answers:

No, at the moment the MB.326 package will include the MB.326E and MB.326K. By the way they will share the same cockpit. MB.326E model will also be used for the other variants -G, -H, -L and -M. They basically differ for the antenna positions and minore accessories, so I hope this is acceptable.

@Ryan - thanks for the information, however:
- I was aware of the (slightly) misaligned doors...not sure if I can do much better than this, for several reasons that are kind of long to explain.
- Also, I was aware of the differences in the animations for the STOVL model. What you get in the package is a compromise I had to make in order to minimize the amount of custom coding.

tahnks for the suggestions but it is way too early to define the feature list for the Typhoon.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Dino. At least someone with BRAINS is now about to make a good EFA! For that allone, you're my favourite FSX Designer!


PS: I also was the guy bitching about your F-14 FM, years ago. You did surprise me aftwerwads!