Sunday, August 3, 2014

S-3B Viking version 0.99 release

Well, given that my vacations are approaching and I ran out of steam on the S-3B Viking, I have put togheter the most complete build I could and so here is version 0.99 for you to download.
There are several minor known bugs, (hence it is not named version 1.00) but there is no way for me fix them in a reasonable time - and given the feeback on the Beta, I believe the current build is good enough for the vast majority of the users.

One of the biggest shortcomings is that this rendition cannot be used, as it is, as a tanker for other aicrafts.... I will release separate file with a suitable model soon.

Anyway, I hope you'll like it - download from the side bar as usual (note: it is a quite large file...aboy 250Mb. This may easily saturate the daily Google Drive bandwith... in case you are unluckly and cannot dowload the file, you can try in a day or two...from my experience, in 2 or 3 days there will be no problems)...



Andrea Moretti said...

Grazie del Viking, io intanto inizio a godermi qualche volo, poi quando sarà perfezionato scaricheremo la nuova versione. Grazie della tua disponibilità e delle tue creazioni, ti auguro Buone Ferie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Dino, excellent work as usual and please enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

As usual, a another fantastic airplane developed by your tremendous talent. Thank you for your work and contributions to this hobby. Enjoy your well deserved vacation to the fullest.

Tino said...

Thanks Dino!
Just added a nice aircraft to my hangar in FSX. Well done and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Grazie mile Dino!!

I found a error in the Aircraft.cfg, Dot no show the NASA Variant, the error is in the [fltsim.19] Secction, show duplicate number 18 in secuence, the correct number for NASA is the 19.

And the name of NASA texture folder is writing in lowercase letters, and in the Aircraft.cfg, is writing in uppercase letters.

Dino, whit your permission, copy here the corret to errors.

title=Lockheed S-3B Viking NASA
ui_type=S-3B Viking

Kind regards.

antonio diaz said...

Hi Dino..... The best plane....the best sound...the real ¡¡¡.....ready to paint ¡¡¡¡

Antonio Diaz

Andy Muno said...

Hi Dino,
Thank you for another phantastic airplane. I just took it for a spin around Whidbey Island NAS and even without reading the manual (sorry, will do later) with a little common sense the plane flew very well and behaved perfectly. Again thanks.

David Harwood said...

Simply brilliant aircraft! Just managed a 3 wire trap on Team SDBs Enterprise which has made may day. This may not be a final release but its certainly good enough for me for the time being. It amazes me that your aircraft are still freeware as they are far better than a great deal of the payware aircraft available. Lovely job and thank you for your time and effort producing such wonderful flying machines.

Anonymous said...

Hello DINO,

thank you to you for we make available excellent aircraft!
After having tested your last S-3B, I had several questions anyway ...

-How is it to adjust the HEADING?? for AP
Small problem-the levels of jettisoning bombs. Indeed, when passing and pressing once on the fire button, I have all the cargo from the right wing (or left) comes off ... is this normal?
Otherwise OPUS Very nice!!!!!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


thanks for your support.


EFIS control are detailed in the manual, but long story short everything is operated by the buttons on the EFIS itself: you select a function and then adjust the values.

Release of ordnance from underwing stations is simultaneous (it is not like this in reality - anyway it is detailed on the manual - chapter 9)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,
thank you for another freeware masterpiece! Do you plan to publish list of known bugs? I'm not sure if you would like to hear about finds like non-functional interior light switches, or you already know everything. Thank you again and enjoy your vacations!

Anonymous said...

Erratum - it should be "exterior" in my message above, sorry for the mistake.

ejoiner said...

This is a great aircraft!!! thanks once again Dino. I do have some kind of basic questions.

1. I cant find how to change the aircraft heading. What dial controls this?

2. When I try to fold the wings, the tail folds down, but not the wings.

3. How can I reduce the glare on the cockpit windscreen? IMHO, it is a little to bright. it obscures visibility.

4. No torpedoes?

ejoiner said...

Maybe my issue is that I dont have the manual for the S-3. It was not in the .99 version zip file.

ejoiner said...

Ok, dummy here. I found the docs in the docs folder for the aircraft... :-)

However, I still cant get the heading bug etc, on the EFIS to change. The butttons on the EFIS are non responsive. Mouseover doesnt work. Not sure if thats a known bug or just me.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks for the appreciation.
It is probably better if a
publish a list of known bugs and/or suggestions and requests for the S-3...

1. EFIS controls seem to operate correctly on my system. You press the HDG button, and the Heading indicator turns Yellow on the EFIS. Then you can set the desired heading with D+ and D- buttons. Same thing for CRS, etc.

2.You may have wrong key assignments. Clicking the wind gust lock will activate the Wing Fold command, which causes in turn the wing fold animation to start. Clicking the Tail fin fold/erect activates the Water Rudder control, which is what is used for the tail fin animation

3.You cannot. It is hard coded in the model. I will consider reducing it in the next release.

4.Torpedoes are not currently supported by Tacpack.

ejoiner said...

For any repainters out there these would be some FINE additions to the S-3B fleet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updated release. I Have one question and don't know if it's a bug or not. My throttle never drops to Idle when I'm using the S-3. Its always advanced halfway and never returns. Now it seems that this is the only aircraft its doing it with, all others seem to work fine. I went so far as too put in trouble tickets, recalibrate my sticks via the Control Panel as well as through FSUIPC. I Have also removed and reinstalled my software and drivers for my X-55 yielding the same results. Wondering if anyone else having this problem or if anyone knows of a fix for this. Im stumped now

ejoiner said...

Hi Anon.

I have an X-55 HOTAS setup and see the same half throttle issue. I think it is a bug but also check your throttle sensitivity in FSX

Go to settings for controls and make sure your sensitivity for the throttle is set at 100 or above. I know with Dino's F-14, if I dont do that, dont get full throttle play and I cant engage the afterburners. Not saying thats the issue here, but as a fellow Saitek user, that was one issue for me with Dinos airplanes.

Anonymous said...

yup I have already tried that and still get the same results. Literally have tried everything thus far. All over the last week this has happened. It shows the same way in the control panel settings as well. Goes from 0-50% in one notch then smooth from 50-100% in the control panel.

Anonymous said...

yup I have already tried that and still get the same results. Literally have tried everything thus far. All over the last week this has happened. It shows the same way in the control panel settings as well. Goes from 0-50% in one notch then smooth from 50-100% in the control panel.

Doug Hultgren said...
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Doug Hultgren said...

Hey Dino,

Is there a paint kit for the S3B?
We want to put the VAW124 skin on it if possible.