Friday, June 8, 2018

S-3B Viking AI Tanker

Finally here is S-3B AI Tanker model… I had this one sitting almost finished for quite a while...but never had the time (nor I was in the right mood) to complete.
It is basically a very simplified model of my old S-3, with some optimizations to be used as a tanker for Tacpack (or similar applications that can spawn a tanker or an AI aircraft).

Features of this model:
- simplified 3D model for better frame rates, optimized for viewing distances/angles of in flight refuel. No landing gear or other details modeled
- the refuel hose is always extended
- features navigation and formation lights
- multiple liveries (a selection of the ones available in the S-3 package)
- the model uses the same texture coordinates and format of the full S-3 you can add more texture sets if you want to
- intended to be used as AI tanker with Tacpack, or other similar applications which can spawn an AI Tankers
...and of course it comes with recommended Tacpack settings

Aside... actually it *should* be possible to use the full S-3 model as human-driven tanker in multiplayer mission, but AFAIK it was never tested and nobody tried it.
This is a freeware release: you can download it by clicking HERE (or from the side bar).

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