Saturday, May 12, 2018

Eurofighter update to version 1.12

After the release of Eurofighter version 1.10 and the update to version 1.11, some other minor bugs have been highlighted and have been fixed. So here we go with (yet another) update to the Eurofighter.
Note: this update includes the changes in version 1.11, so you can apply either to update a fresh install of version 1.10, or you can apply to an installation already update to version 1.11. It will work on both the 32 bit and 64 bit version of the package.

- Fixed color match in Cyber Tiger repaint
- Fixed visual interference between pylons 4 and 10 and gear doors
- Changed Lift Dump animation: it will now retract automatically below 20 knots (as in real life)
- Fixed minor graphical switch in FUEL page (showing a minimal quantity of fuel in external tanks even if they are empty)
- Fixed bug preventing stopwatch from updating in the HUD in some instances
- Fixed bug preventing selection of automatic vs. manual waypoint switch
- Fixed bug causing VRS Tacan Tanker information to overlap with other HUD graphics in some instances

- Fixed bug preventing the laser spot designator from correctly pointing towards PP target
- Fixed bug preventing the targeting logic from correcly uploading GPS coordinates for PP targets in some instances
- Introduced the necessity to press FCS RESET button when engines are powered up to align control surfaces.
  This is not required if the flight is started in mid-air, or if the avionics are set with Control+Shift+R
- Extension of fuel probe now automatically selects the FUEL page on Right MHDD
- HUD now shows the "REFUELING" caption if fuel is being transfered by a Tacpack tanker
- Added Lift Dump animation: if aicraft is on the ground, throttles are idle and PoF is LANDING, Canards and Tailerons will move to the maximum drag position.
- Added 36th Stormo repaint courtesy of Tim Brennan
- Added RAF 100 Years repaint courtesy of Matt Kingscott
- Added Cyber Tiger repaint courtesy of Marius Krämer (

As usual you can download it either from the side bar or from the link HERE.


Arixodia said...

I have a bug only in 1.11 and 1.12 as well now too where rudder, canard and aileron aminations are frozen. The aircraft behaves as normal but without any movement in rudder, canards and ailerons. When I roll back to 1.10 the bug goes away

Arixodia said...

I forgot to say I am using P3D V4 with Tacpack enabled

Daniel Lewington said...

For some reason in P3D v4, the canards are frozen in the downward position. When I revert the build back to 1.10, the problem rectifies itself

Ezio Marcori said...

I have the same problem of frozen surfaces in FSX

Steven Khoo said...

After reading the above comments, will there be another update after V1.12 soon? I am holding back patching the V1.10. Mine is on FSXA.

Ezio Marcori said...

V1.12 is OK
It Was my mistake not to read the release note.
To enable the surfaces button FCS should be pressed or Shift+Ctrl+R combination key on The keyboard

Steven Khoo said...

I have patched to V1.12 in FSXA, all good for me. Though I have this issue with the engine control. My flight stick comes with two individual throttle. For example, if I reduce power to i.e. engine 2, the thrust doesn't reduce.

Galaxy France[EW OC] [Friend: MintFox Wolflover] said...

Hi there seems to be a bug when entering waypoints in the scratch pad for some reason when I enter the lat and long coords I want it changes them to something different that's miles away from where I want them to be.

Also are there any good tutorials for all the weapon systems because the manual doesn't actually tell you how to use them.