Wednesday, March 29, 2017


During the development of my new project, the Eurofighter Typhoon, some issues with the F-35 have been identified. Most notably, an issue with V3.20 and V3.21 caused the A-A missile seekers not to work as intended if slaved to a radar track.
This patch should solve the issue as a temporary fix, and bring some other minor improvements.
I have a middle-term plan to release an official update to the installer, which will bring also new features - but in the meantime you may want to install this patch.

Version 3.23
- Fixed a bug that prevented A-A missiles to work correctly in radar-slaved mode
- Fixed a bug in reporting FAB fuel quantities
- Increased in-flight refuel rate
- Changed visibiliy condition of landing light (light turns off when gear is retracted)
- Fixed a bug which prevented IFF Mode 4 automatic activation

As usual the update can be downloaded from the side bar, or by clicking HERE


Toby said...

Thank you, Dino!

Toby said...

Just tested A-A weapons, and they work perfectly, tracking off the radar data. All the way out to max gimbal limit, off they go toward the target every time.

Looks like you enhanced the data presented on the TSD a little too, Dino. Seeing more info on objects there now.

The F-35 gets even better!

tbump34 said...

Looking forward to your major update. Thanks for not abandoning this great aircraft!

Anonymous said...

How can I change to next or previous waypoint in flight?