Saturday, April 2, 2016

T-45C Goshawk version 2.82 release - sorry for the inconvenience!

Following a report from an user, a significant bug has been identified on the latest release of the Goshawk - basically the latest Virtual Cockpit was built with the wrong ModelDef.XML file (which is the file that governs the associations between the 3D model and variables, click spots and visibiliyu conditions during MDL compilation...I have several for the various aircrafts). As result the Data Entry Panel was mostly unusable. It was not my intention to released yet another update to the Goshawk but this is a show-stopping issue to me and I felt it needed to be fixed.
Here is a new version that should fix the problem. Download link on the side bar. Once it is confirmed to work it will be uploaded to Avsim and Flightsim.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

VERSION 2.82 - Released on April 2nd 2016

- Previous build was compiled with wrong Modeldef.xml resulting in several Data Entry Panel issues. Rebuilt with correct XML coding.
- Fixed minor bug with DECLUTTER function in DEP
- Fixed minor bug with DEPRESSION function in DEP


Terry Swindle said...

Thanks Dino. Question. Where can I read the position of the pitch trim? I seem to remember it being on an older version but have not been able to find it on previous releases.

Anonymous said...
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David said...

Thanks Deano, all your work is well appreciated.

Anonymous said...

What about a British Aerospace ATP

Anonymous said...

I like your T-45C and looks like it is a work in progress. I would like to bring up a possible problem with how the ADI is displayed. It appears to be inverted, that is the light side should be at the top to represent the sky and the dark side at the bottom to represent the ground.Please ref this link in the Avsim forum for more details.

Again, very nice aircraft.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@ Terry Swindle - I'll have a look

@ Terry - it appears you are right. Relatively easy fix.

...and no. The T-45C is not a "work in progress" meaning that, in my opinion, this product is finished and solid. But I definitely cannot some product defects - and bugs pop-up over time... so I keep on updating it even when a sane person would not...