Thursday, April 7, 2016

T-45 Goshawk version 2.83

As much as I'd like to abandon the T-45C, some minor and annoying inaccuracies pop-up... hence here we go again with a new release... in this case, I was notified that the MFD-ADI sky/ground colors were reversed (due a wrong interpetation on my side of the NATOPS graphics). Cockpit videos show the real thing very clearly - so here we go again - sorry for the inconvenience.

- Fixed ADI graphics (light area = sky, dark area = ground)

Download link on the side bar as usual.


Anonymous said...

You are not obsessed by perfection as is, you are obsessed by the satisfaction of your customers...and that's quite a virtue when you run such a "one man show" business and it's not even the primary!
We all know we can rely on you as much as you know you can rely on our feedback ;-)
Never give up!


김선우 said...
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김선우 said...

What aircraft are you going to do next? i'd love to see a good Fokker 50 in FSX and P3D

KDFW said...

thanks for the quality and dedication. great planes.