Thursday, April 7, 2016

T-45 Goshawk version 2.83

As much as I'd like to abandon the T-45C, some minor and annoying inaccuracies pop-up... hence here we go again with a new release... in this case, I was notified that the MFD-ADI sky/ground colors were reversed (due a wrong interpetation on my side of the NATOPS graphics). Cockpit videos show the real thing very clearly - so here we go again - sorry for the inconvenience.

- Fixed ADI graphics (light area = sky, dark area = ground)

Download link on the side bar as usual.


Anonymous said...

You are not obsessed by perfection as is, you are obsessed by the satisfaction of your customers...and that's quite a virtue when you run such a "one man show" business and it's not even the primary!
We all know we can rely on you as much as you know you can rely on our feedback ;-)
Never give up!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What aircraft are you going to do next? i'd love to see a good Fokker 50 in FSX and P3D

KDFW said...

thanks for the quality and dedication. great planes.

Unknown said...


Great work on the Goshawk. I'm at VT-86 right now, and it's been handy being able to practice a lot of procedures and flying at home. It's not an OFT but it definitely helps. I have noticed that the heading on the MFD and HUD precesses over time, and is aggravated by any dynamic maneuvering. Since most MOA work and low levels involve that kind of maneuvering, I've found the indicated heading over 90* off the wet compass on the bottom of loops, or rolling out of tac turns. It should be slaved to the GINA or otherwise be accurate the entire time. I can provide screenshots of what I'm seeing, but could use the help troubleshooting, as I found myself well off-course yesterday trying to anticipate the precession. Many thanks.


Unknown said...

can anyone tell me how you can install this beuty

Tregarth said...

Does a P3Dv4 version of this plane exist? It should, it is too good to stay on 32 bit software.

Thank you,


Ron said...

Hello Dino. I only recently downloaded the T-45C and am impressed by the detail you put into it. It is one of the best models I have seen on FSX. I have seen your comments about abandoning the project but hope you would have the time to change one minor details of the external model. I have compared your model with videos of the real aircraft and noticed that the slats on the model extend by moving forward only, while those on the real aircraft move forward and down. I would appreciate that single change if it does not take up much of your time.

Thank you for giving us this model as freeware.

Jack said...

Hi Dino, I've thoroughly enjoyed this project of yours. Having flown the aircraft irl, I can attest that it is fairly accurate. It's a tool offered to students as a study aid and has done many a good service.
Some things I've noticed that are minor inaccuracies, whose improvement would greatly benefit those who use it are:
- The model is overpowered. Specs might match the NATOPS pwr/thrust numbers but they need to be dialed down for P3D/FSX in order to more accurately replicate the real jet.
- Tacan modeling is likely undoable in FSX, but would greatly improve it's usability
- Waypoint loading isn't incorporated which is a large component in most sorties
- ADI bank angle doesn't seem to pass 30
- The overall HSI/NAV capabilities are at the limit which I assume FSX can handle, but again lack much of the real-world functions.

Without any of the above, your project is still a masterpiece and again, much appreciated.

Achim said...

Dear All,
I have a problem using the ILS function. I do not receive the ILS signal in the HUD ant 112.00 MHz. Therefore I would highly appreciate any comments or ideas.
I have checked all necessary setting and these seems to be okay.
1. Frequency 112.00 on both NAV1 and NAV2
2. ILS is "on"
3. NAV1 is "on"
Any further idea, why there might be on ILS indicator?
Thanks for all your thoughts