Saturday, December 5, 2015


Although the F-35 went though a relatively long and very detailed Beta testing, some bugs slipped into the final release.
We will do our best to fix them, but releasing a product upate takes some time.
So, in the meantime, HOTFIX files will provide updates to solve the most urgent bugs.

You can download the hotfix from Google drive by clicking HERE.

Version 3.01 - HOTFIX
Release 12/05/2015
- Fixed bug that prevented GPS coordinates to be loaded into guided weapons seekers.
  This bug prevented GPS guided weapons to hit assigned targets.
- Completely rewrote target assignment, GPS and laser coordinates update code...hopefully more reliable
- Fixed bug that showed GROUND TARGET designation triangle in subportals 1 and 5 when DAS mode and proper weapons were selected
- WPNA and WPNS page, instead of being INOP, will report target and Tacpack weapons variables...
  this is mostly for debugging purposes, but given that those pages were INOP, it is for the better.
- Changed "X-Ray" vision activation: if invoked through CTRL+SHIFT+X it will stay on even if the pilot is looking forward. X-ray vision will still leave room to boresight VHUD symbology if invoked by pressing the "brake" key
- Fixed bug that prevented DAS imagery to be shown when TFLIR imaging was masked (NOTE: DAS has full 720° is never masked)
- Fixed bug that prevented "X-Ray" vision to work when TFLIR imaging was masked
- Increased fuel transfer rate during in-flight refuel

Drag and drop the "panel" folder included in this zip into the F-35A folder.
The F-35A folder is located in:


Typical P3Dv2 location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A

Typical P3Dv3 location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A

Although FSX "limited compatibility" mode is not officially supported, actually a non-negligible number of users is apparently using FSX.
So we will try to provide some sort of very basic support for them, if time allows.
USE THE FSX PATCH INSTEAD: This will only fix the target assigment bugs and increase the refuel rate. No improvements to MFDs.


Anonymous said...

GPS works like a charm however laser guided bombs still sail wide by a few hundred feet

Kev Gman said...

GPS always worked fine for me . However the GBU 10 and GBU 12 seem be off target ,Also when placing the Panel folder in ,are your overwrite anything in the process? My email

eric said...

I wonder if you are going to update texture map..
I am little bit disappointed of f-35's payware texture and it's mapping...

eric said...

It seems it is not a face angle map... so all clear lines are broken.
i was trying to upgrade texture details to milviz. razam. metal2mesh' level...
but it seems this is impossible since it's mapping..

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@Kev Gman

The LGBs are not working correctly at the moment - I am investigating this issue.


I am sorry you do not like the look of the payware version disappoints you - honestly I believe it is much better than the freeware one, and much closer to the real thing - but, well, it is my opinion and I could be totally wrong.
As for the UVW mapping coordinates, I know there are some warped areas - they are unfortunately inherited from the original mesh, and in is basically impossible to fix them. In that respect, it would be technically a better approach to completely redo the model mapping (and possibly areas of the model from scratch) - but that could easily take months to do, and the improvements would be marginal IMHO.

eric said...

As always, thanks for your kind answer.

I opened the MDL file in 3dmax and noticed that it is really well rendered and complex :)

I understand this is not easy work to do and should do everything again.. (mapping..etc)

thanks for hard works~!! anyway.

now i am making repaint kit only for myself :)

merry christmas~!! and wish you have great 2016~!!!

Shadow said...

I purchased your F35 yesterday and I have been enjoying learning how to deploy its weapons.

Question. When doing Air-to-Surface missions with guided bombs, I can select the weapon delivery method by using the mouse...AUTO, MANUAL,CCIP etc....but when I try the keyboard shortcut SHIFT-C, or when I map the keyboard shortcut to my hotas, I get no reaction, and I must use the mouse to make the selection.

No big issue here, but should I be able to use the keyboard method etc....Am I doing something wrong?

Joe C said...

Any update on the LGBs?

Anonymous said...

How about a Antonov An-70?