Thursday, September 17, 2015

F-35 version 3.0 - Beta Testers wanted

F-35 over Luke AFB (great photorela freeware scenery by Blue Sky)
The Beta testing stage of the new F-35 project will commence in a couple of weeks - and if you are willing to partecipate to the testing, here is how to apply.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
This F-35 is a high detail model, both graphically and computationally - it will not run properly, or with decent frame rates, on a low end computer. Minimum hardware requirements are as follows:

CPU: Quad Core, 3 GHz minimum
GPU: Nvdia 660 or above, minimum 2Gb dedicated video memory
RAM: 6Gb minimum
Hard disk: Installation should be around 500Mb (but will depend on the number of liveries I will include)

Required Software Platform: This project is strictly dependant on Prepar3D v2.5 (or above) and Tacpack functionalites. They are required for the F-35 to work properly. I may be interested to have one or two testers without Tacpack to check the non-tactical functionalities.

Main software platform: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.5 (updated to latest version - hotfix 4)
Tacpack: updated to latest version (currently


I am looking for testers with various degrees of aeronautical knowledge and realism expectations. Still, all testers are expected to be able to install add-ons autonomously, and have some understanding of P3Dv2 configuration and settings.
Please bear in mind that package is designed to depict the F-35 in a reasonably realistic fashion - so it will be a good thing that you have some knowledge of the F-35 program and features, as well as a decent knowledge of how a jet fighter performs in reality.


- Take your time to test the F-35. If you do not have time, there is no point in joining the Beta.
- Please log a minimum of 3 hours, 10 take-offs and 10 landings on the F-35 before reporting anything.
- Please make sure the issue you are reporting isn't already in the "known issues" list.
- If you find a problem or a malfunction, please make sure you can replicate it and be as detailed as possible
- Issues, problems or malfunctions shall be reported exclusively in the ways I will dictate
- You may be kicked out of the Beta at any time, without notice (sorry for that...but some people really deserve it)
- You do not get any compensation but the fun of testing it
- Please do not post screenshots, reviews or comments on the Beta... just because it is a Beta.
- Maximum number of testers is 10: sorry but I cannot handle more than that

I am sorry to dictate rules... but otherwise the Beta will become an uncontrolled mess. I am sure you will understand.

How to apply

If you have read this post carefully...please read it again. Then if you think you can comply to the requirements and the rules please send an email to as follows:
The email title must be: F-35V3 Beta Testing Application
In the email you must specify your hardware and software configuration, as well as your general knowledge/skill level of aeronautics and simulation - and wether or not you have some knowledge of the real world F-35 project.

Thanks for your help and... good luck for the selection.

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How about a Embraer 120 Brasilia? because Razbam unrelease is lost.....