Wednesday, September 9, 2015

F-35 project update

AL-1 in flight over Cameri... just a few hours after the first flight in real life
F-35B BK-01 - First British aicraft - Britain will buy only the STOVL version (although the F-35C was considered at a certain point)...

WIP picture of the "see through" feature of the HMD. As in real life, pilot can choose to project DAS imagery on the helmet, and have it aligned to the real world... as result, the pilot can look through the cockpit as if aicraft it was transparent. In real life the current HMD are monochromatic green.

Livery for the R.A.A.F. - I have already made at least a livery for each nation who has an aircraft actually flying in real life.

In the past few months I have been posting much more on Facebook than on this blog - it is a faster way to share information and collect feedback very quickly. Still, this blog is still the main reference for my activities - and here is a quick update for the F-35 Lightning II version 3.0.

First and foremost, I am working with an accountant to check the viability of a payware distribution. Sorry for that, but the development costs have been really high (few thousands euros...)... and will be higher if I'll decide to add the F-35C (at the moment, only the F-35A and F-35B are featured).
I still need to figure out the potential revenue, expenses and taxes... if it turns out that the project is at loss...well, I'll release it for free. It will probably be in the 20€ area price range.

The project at the moment is being developed uniquely for Prepar3d V2.5 (and above) and utilizes some of its unique features intensively (e.g. radar visualization service and render-to-texture features). Weapon functionality is provided by Tacpack. I do not rule out a FSX version in future - but, if it will ever be done, I will need to get rid of some of the new features.

The visual model is hopefully a good improvement over the previous version - better, more realistic textures and additional 3D detail. I like the new model much better.
I have made some substantial changes to the flight model, too, and it seems to match the (few) data currently available (there are some clear numbers circulating in official PowerPoint slides about subsonic and transonic acceleration).
The cockpit model is (slightly) more detailed, it has been upgraded to the latest cockpit configuration and features higher resolution textures.
The biggest change is probably in the avionics - the MFD has been vastly rewritten and it should be much closer to the real deal. Still a far cry from the real deal, but probably it is by far the closest thing to the real F-35 a consumer can buy.   
The HMD has been slightly updgraded too, with corrections to the symbology....and the "X-ray vision" feature unique to the F-35 (i.e. the ability for the pilot to look though the aircraft).

All in all I am quite happy with it - although I think I need another month to complete it.
A Beta version may be ready in 3 weeks or so... I will make a post on how to apply for it.


Drew Bolton said...

So far everything I have seen looks really good Dino! While I am not sure if I will ever buy/download Prepar3d, I will definitely continue to support your project in the FSX-SE avenue! It is one of my favorite planes to fly, next to the F-14 Tomcat.

Greg said...

I'm definitely on board whether it's payware or freeware! Name your price! I absolutely love your work and I hope you'll continue to develop aircraft for P3D and FSX! Many thanks for your valuable contributions to the community!

John Miguez said...

Dino, I donated to the first F-35 and I will buy this one. Your aircraft are excellent and fun to fly. The addition of the TACPAC to the F-35 gives us another mostly fully functional warbird, in addition to the VRS F/A-18.

Thank you for all you have given to the flight sim community.


Anonymous said...


No matter if it's freeware or payware, I'm definitely on board. Not sure what 20 euros converts over in U.S. dollars but I will definitely pay it. Your planes, in my opinion are better than most payware out there today and personally I think you do need to charge at least to help fuel continual developments. Not sure how you balance it all, but you have my utmost respect.

As always, your aircraft are top notch and worth every dollar/euro you wish to charge.

Thanks for all the hard work and look forward to the release


matt mck said...

Dino dont be shy about charging for your product. You have an immense skill and passion and deserve to be compensated. i am willing to pay a premium price as compared to other add-on developers because i know i am getting quality with your products. i can honestly say your products has helped me obtain a competitive pilot slot. Please let me know if you need anything to get your business off the ground!

Anonymous said...

How about a Xian MA-60?