Saturday, May 3, 2014

T-45C Goshawk Update to Version 2.61

IMPORTANT! Shortly after the release of version 2.60, I was notified of a bug due to the fact that the wrong panel.cfg was packaged with the build. I have fixed the problem, repackaged the files and uploaded version 2.61. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Here is another update to the Goshawk - I have packed several modifications and improvements I have been working on from time to time in the past few months to keep the T-45 on par with my recent releases.
The biggest changes are the Virtual Cockpit (which now features 4096x4096 textures and the addition of several missing details) and the fact that I have added LAU-68 rocket launchers which are functional in the Tacpack environment (a Tacpack configuration manager is also provided).
Training bombs are still not working as they are not supported by Tacpack.

Here is the full list of changes:
- Enhanced virtual cockpit texture resolution
- Added missing details in virtual cockpit
- Fixed instrument night lighting
- Miscellaneous minor tweaks to aicraft.cfg
- Added digits and Mach reading to airspeed indicator
- Added digits and baro reading to altimeter
- External loads are now triggered by station weights, token weights are as follows:
  110 lbs on central pylon to make baggage pod appear
  225 lbs on a wing pylon to make practice bombs appear
  250 lbs on a wing pylon to make LAU-68 rocket launcher appear
- Added loadout configurator (requires Tacpack)
- LAU-68 rockets are now working in Tacpack. To fire a rocket:
  1) Activate the configurator (SHIFT+4) and select rockets (note this can be done anytime
  in single player, but may be limited by host settings in multiplayer)
  2) Once airborne, select the A/G Master Mode (MENU->STRS->A/S)
  3) Select one RKT station
  4) Fire through Trigger key in Tacpack
  NOTE: Fire mode is always RIPPLE (cannot be selected), DEP Reticle is almost a gimmick...
- Added following keyboard shortcuts
  MASTER ARM - "Control+A"
  WEAPONS RELOAD - "Shift+Control+W" (subject to host settings)
  MASTER MODE NAV - "Shift+Control+1"
  MASTER MODE A/A - "Shift+Control+2"
  MASTER MODE A/S - "Shift+Control+3"

Download from the side bar as usual.


Tom Giesige said...

shift + 3 brings up lines of code, no GPS. Menu's will not switch modes and rockets no go !, will try reinstalling.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks for reporting - a wrong file went into the build :-(

Fixing that as I write...

Tom Giesige said...

I have it fixed. was just the panel.cfg

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

The panel config file was wrong, I am uploading version 2.61 right now.

Anyway I see no issue with the menu... pressing menu will bring up the menu screen, you can then select STRS, and the A/S and then RKT.
If Master Arm is ARMed, rockets should fire (provided they are loaded by the configurator)...

Tom Giesige said...

Correct Dino, everything works with the corrected panel config. I have verified all is working now smoothly and love the HD textures.

Harmandeep Singh said...

On HUD its showing 0 Rockets..

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@Harmandeep Singh

The 0 you read is the reticle depression, not the rocket quantity.
Reticle depression can be adjusted, but it is not fully collimated.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to take the place of the pilot (on ground) in a Aermacchi M-346 Master and the cockpict seem's to be the same of the T45 (withless somes details) and I wonder why you don't make a such amazing aircraft like the T45...
Thanks a lot for yours aircrafts

Tregarth said...

Thank you for a really marvelous aircraft. I cannot work out how to tune the ILS to 112.00 (or 111) using the keypad

I can dial in the HDG and CRS but cannot find an ILS button to input the frequency. I can use the radio stack but not the keypad.

How do I do this, please?

Again, thank you for really clever work.


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Eric Simon said...

I'm based at VT-86 in Pensacola. I just installed the T45C on my system and was going to take it out to the MOA. As I lined up with the runway (25R) I noticed the compass rose on the MFCD and the compass card on the HUD are misaligned by 90* to the left. Heading 250 off the wet compass appeared as 160, heading 070 was indicating 340 and so on. Is this an issue with the aircraft.cfg file? Thanks. MFCDs look much better.